Saturday, February 17, 2018

Discovering self within self


—Sherma Wattley

Mark Fraser

Finding one’s true niche in life can pose a challenge to most people, finding oneself may even be a bit more challenging However, self-development consultant and counsellor, Sherma Wattley, believes she has the solution.

Wattley, the owner/manager of SELF QUEST, a self-development training company that goes by the motto “Engaging Minds - Transforming Lives”, describes herself as a student of life and a seeker of her truth in unfolding and becoming all she was meant to be.

“I’ve always been curious about that inner self and from very early in my life I always found myself analyzing behaviours and trying to understand what would have led to certain choices and experiences.

“In addition to my curiosity, I was a voracious reader so I found myself really being drawn to inspirational materials and self-improvement books and from those two factors it’s as if the foundation were being laid for my life to unfold in this specific manner.

Wattley said fully understanding the deeper meaning of this ‘inner self’ journey took a while as she didn’t initially know what she was being prepared for. But eventually it all came together; experiences, passion and purpose and today she’s on this path of assisting others to go inside and connect with that divine spark so as to emerge in their own unique and wonderful ways.

“In life we all encounter challenges and what I recognised is that within the challenge lies a gift and the discovery of this gift is what will take us to another level of self. So in spite of the frustrations, disappointments and seeming chaos at times, I always think of life as a fascinating journey.”

Wattley, who enjoys working with young adults, said that the journey begins with an inquiry of yourself by asking the question, who am I?

She said that in understanding self one is better positioned to understand others, adding that she believes in the mantra that ‘life is an inside job” and it all begins with an understanding of self from that deeper level so that you can eventually emerge whole and complete, just as you were created to be.

“At our very core is this magnificent being and our mission is to become aware of its existence and operate from this consciousness. Life is a sojourn to our authentic self.

“This journey of life we’re on is really like a school, it’s like a classroom. Earth is like a classroom and as you unfold you move to different levels of self, different levels of awareness in becoming you and embracing all that you were meant to be,” she said.

She believes the benefits are invaluable.

“Curiosity leads to inquiry, inquiry leads to exploration and exploration leads to discovery.

“In discovering the real-self you, you peel back the layers, you unlearn some things you thought were true, you embrace empowering beliefs about yourself, you get clarity about your purpose, your unique gifts and you gain the permission to be you.

“You reclaim your power in healthy ways.”

She believes this understanding determines how to go forward with life.

“It is the foundation from which you respond to life and its challenges instead of just reacting, for you also learn that in spite of the seeming difficulties nothing really happens by chance. They are there as opportunities and those challenges that I alluded to before, are the catalysts that helps us to recognise where we are with ourselves.

“As the quote says, ‘circumstances do not make a man’, it is in our responses to them we reveal our personhood.

“By ourselves we always appear to be fine, it is when we have to deal with situations and people that we meet on our life’s path then we become fully aware about how we show up on” she said, adding that sometimes we meet people who, as they say, ‘push your buttons’ but those people are our teachers and they showed up not by chance.

Wattley said those individuals show up to assist us in becoming fully conscious about where we are with ourselves since in those interactions, when we demonstrate certain behaviours and attitudes that are less than our best or we feel diminished in our self-worth, what they really do is expose a part of ourselves that needs healing.

“So it’s not really about them, they are there in our lives for a reason. We therefore have to become mindful of our encounters, understanding the divine intent so that we can heal and grow in the process.

“People are not really aware of their purpose on our individual paths. It is not about them. The lessons are for us.”

She said that she has learnt to ask ‘why is this person showing up in my life? What is this experience trying to teach me?, adding that it’s only after those kinds of questions you come to the truth of who you are in that moment and where you are with yourself.

“How people treat with us is ‘their story’, how we respond to them is ‘our story’ and we take the story about who we are with us wherever we go.”

Wattley described her career as very fulfilling.

“I have been on this career path for the past 23 years and counting, and it is really fulfilling to the extent where you become your work. I like to call it work because it’s not a job that you do, it’s purpose unfolding, it’s as if purpose found you and you have to answer the heart’s call.

She added that some people go through life without ever understanding themselves and realizing their true worth and potential, thus robbing them of truly enriched, fulfilling, lives.

However it is never too late to unearth the beauty of ‘our true essence’ which lies within all of us.

She closed with this quote: “Your completeness must be understood by you and experienced in your thoughts as your own reality”

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