Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Diverse attractions at Divali Nagar


STORY OF DIVALI: Michael Salickram and the Shiv Shakti Dancers perform.

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DEVOTIONAL ITEMS: One of the booths at the Divali Nagar where one can purchase devotional items as well as music and ornaments.

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The Divali Nagar, in Chaguanas opened on Sunday for the 2012 Divali celebrations and for the next several days will offer assorted activities for the thousands expected to visit. The opening ceremony featured along with the official speeches, prayers, and devotions a number of cultural presentations including dance and tassa drumming.

There are also booths where visitors can have from a simple snack to full meals of assorted vegetarian dishes, fruit juices and soft drinks. Other booths offer items for religious ceremonies, ornaments for home décor, East Indian and Indo-Trinidadian music, East Indian fashion both traditional and contemporary, fabric and much more.

The theme of this year's run of the Divali Nagar is, "Ram Bhakta Hanuman," which means; Faithful devotee of Rama, Hanuman. There will therefore be an exhibition of the life and works of Lord Hanuman

presented by Baba Satyanarayan Mourya from India.

Being the incarnation of Lord Shiva, Hanuman played an important role as a faithful devotee of Lord Rama and so Mourya will focus on texts from the Ramayan in which Hanuman interacted with Lord Rama and those that showed his power and strength gained from total devotion to God.

Special honour will also be paid to, Swami Prakashanada Maharaj who was awarded the Chaconia Gold Medal for long and meritorious service to Trinbago in the sphere of religion. The Divali Nagar is open daily through to November 13. Express photographers, Ishmael Salandy and Dave Persad were on hand at the opening to capture the celebrations.