Thursday, February 22, 2018

Get ready for the rhythm of Fashion

On June 22 The National Academy for the Performing Arts in San Fernando will be transformed into a Grand Fashion Hub for the “Grand Finale Runway Event”.

Fashion Comes Alive in San Fernando” as International, Caribbean and local designers and models will climax on one stage for the staging of “Rhythm of Fashion 2014”. Also for the second year San Fernando Fashion Week Trinidad will present its special Pioneer Awards to Fay-ann Lyons Alvarez for being one of the most Fashion Forward Artistes in the Soca Industry and for her contribution to the Arts of Trinidad and Tobago, Allison Hennessey for Promoting the development of Culture in Trinidad and Tobago and Soowan Bramble for her contribution as a model within the Fashion Industry over the years.

Some of the International Models and designers and will be showcased this year include Vaughn Anslyn from St Kitts and Nevis, Ryan Berkeley from Guyana, Lisa Volney from St. Lucia, and Virginia Degras from France

A man of many trades, Vaughn Anslyn now adds clothing designer to his resume.

Anslyn captures the beauty of the island in his paintings and murals which can be seen all over the island. His free spirit and passion for colour have inspired his very own clothing line with simple elegance, originality and a dash of glitter. He adds creativity and excitement to everyday clothing and enhances the wearer’s originality. No two pieces are alike just like the individual that wears them. Step out of the ordinary and prepare for ‘V’ Wear.

Ryan Samuel Berkley, a native Guyanese, grew up always hearing the sound of the sewing machine at work in his home. When he was nine years old he took on art as a form of expression, always drawing and colouring at school where he would usually outshine the other students at sewing and designing.

In 2010 he was given his debut in the local fashion industry as a contestant on a local television show where he captured audiences far and wide with his unique sense of style, and ability which always radiated. With one year’s experience, he was given the task of creating his own line. He went on to complete runway shows including the prestigious fashion event Designer/Stylist Portfolio, where he shared the stage with other prominent local and top designers.

As a fashion creator and trendsetter, resourceful in finding contemporary ways of incorporating everyday life necessities and resourceful elements into his designs he intends to broaden the mindset of Guyanese, so that fashion may become a lifestyle in Guyana, and to encourage my people young or old to open their minds to the uprising of new, refreshing fashion upon the horizon.

Lisa Barton-Volney is a designer, dressmaker and tailor for De Kloze Line based in Castries, St Lucia. She has been involved in the fashion industry for over 30 years and established De Kloze Line in 1999. One of her first designs was the style selected and worn by her graduating peers, class of 1986.

De Kloze Line specialises in pageantry, bridal, formal, corporate and casual wear for male, female and plus -sized. Under these labels she has and continues to design and produce evening and bridal wear including formal children’s wear and menswear, gowns for pageants such as Big and Beautiful, National Carnival Queen, Miss St Lucia World and Universe contestants, Miss Woman of Substance and Miss St Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association Pageant; where she was awarded winner of the best Wob Dweyet title in 2008.

The collection for showcase was inspired by scenery from the Caribbean islands using exotic fabrics to bring it to life. It is the ambition of Virginia Degras, a young and talented fashion designer from Guadeloupe, French West Indies, to raise awareness and International recognition of creole fashion as a real added value in terms of creation and to impose diversity for all people.

LalOone erases all prejudices of a limited fashion and just shows a new way of thinking “clothing for all”. LalOone is an intergenerational Fashion Brand for everyone. Included within the cast this year are models from Grenada as well as the Winner of the Face of Grenada Pageant, Rehanna Warren. If you feel you have a branded product that is ready for market/display, please feel free to contact the committee via e-mail at