Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fashionable mas from K2k


ALL FOR LOVE: Yanna Fran showcases the design for the section, Lovebird. —Photo: gary Cardinez.

Mark Fraser

Ever so often one attends a Carnival mas band launch and for days following the costumes continue to invade one’s thoughts, so wonderfully creative were they. Thus was the case with last Saturday’s presentation of what the band, K2K produced by bandleaders/designers, Kathy and Karen Norman will feature for Carnival 2014.

The presentation titled, Vie The Collection—The Rise of the Sanctuary, is the finale of the twin sisters’ mas trilogy that they started in 2012. the launch took the form of a, “breakfast collection reveal at  Oleander Row, Victoria Gardens, Diego Martin where guests seemed thrilled over the rather beautiful and quite ornate costume designs showcased by the models.

The young fashion conscious mas designers revealed several of the sections from, Vie The Collection—The Rise of the Sanctuary, which brings the story behind the trilogy together. In 2012 the sisters began their mas production career with a presentation titled, The Waters-Sea of Consciousness, which took us through the psychological journey of man with each waterway moving man up to a greater consciousness of his self.             

Last year they brought us part two which was titled, The Human Race taking us on a trek around the horse racing circuit with the track representing life’s unrelenting ups and downs, which all humans experience. 

This final chapter in the trilogy shows the inter connectedness among each of the themes with a progression in the storyline moving  from water on to land and now up into the air.

The young women explained that there is a harmony in the depiction of birds. On the one hand, there is imagery of birds in flight representing man’s “limitlessness”

In which  no person dictates who he is or determines what he can achieve.

Similarly, each bird depicts a virtue, man aspiring towards moral excellence and individual greatness. The three year storyboard suggests that “La Vie- Life” is a psychological and emotional journey. Nonetheless, you, and only you hold the key to your future. The sky is the limit.

The band comprises of seven sections titled; “Bald Eagle” (Virtue Courage), “Flamingo” (Virtue Temperance), “Hawk” (Virtue Diligence), “Lutino Rosey-faced Love Birds” (Virtue Kindness), “Macaw” (Virtue Prudence), “Swan” (Virtue Faithfulness) and “Toucan” (Virtue Patience and Peace).

Saturday’s launch saw fashion blending with mas and there was an overall positive energy in the collection, ranging from the fluidity of the fabrics employed to the quite uplifting portrayal of  the birds in the “Sanctuary.”

The mid-morning sun over the Diego Martin Valley brought life to the birds of the K2K Sanctuary as the models swayed with the wind beneath their wings.

The Norman Twins each has an eye for detail so the set at the mas camp was well designed bringing out the beauty of the costumes. One person was heard to remark, 

One guest remarked loudly, “Oh God them models wicked,” causing laughter as a couple models came out with sheer body suits with adornments to cover up their nether regions. Vie The Collection-Rise of the Sanctuary has a message in the Mas as it showcases Lace and Silk in traditional glamour as well as Bohemian influences. Come Carnival Monday and Tuesday masqueraders in this band will definitely make the streets of Port of Spain one extensive fashion runway.