Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fashionable moms


Mark Fraser

“Being a mother does not mean that you have to be frumpy,” said, Terry Ann Cipriani, owner of Glam Clothing Store, Port of Spain. Whether your style is conservative, sexy or somewhere in between you can look great in clothes once you understand what flatters your body type, she said.

Fit and colouring is just as important as knowing your body type since this can also assist you in selecting what shade works with your skin, hair and eye colour and what works against it, she said.

Mothers often times have to fill many roles from cook to housekeeper, chauffeur and teacher so it does not leave much time for anything else. Cipriani is a mother herself and says even though it is hard finding a little “me time” in the day, it is important to take a little time for yourself because it not only changes the way you look but also how you feel about yourself, she said.

When the Express visited the store recently, dresses and skirts were the most requested items by women for Mother’s Day.

Cipriani said, “A lot of pastel colours and prints are very trendy right now. However, black-and-white still continues to be a favourite for customers that are looking for a simple but classic look.”

She noted that apart from finding the right dress having the right undergarments can really give your body that support; in some cases improve posture and help you see how clothes can really enhance and flatter a person’s shape.

“When that is done, it all comes down to finding the right accessories,” Cipriani said.

“You can have a simple black dress and just by doing a coloured shoe or some chunky jewelry it can take the look from day to night. If you have an outfit where there is a lot going on, keep your accessories simple. You can do a watch, bracelet or a pair of earrings so it does not compete with the outfit,” she said.

“I think a lot of moms want to be stylish but nothing too revealing so finding a look that is somewhere in the middle is the key,” she said.

With a wide selection of clothes, shoes and accessories, Cipriani showed off some beautiful dresses just in time for Mother’s Day.