Thursday, February 22, 2018

Food for the spirit

Nun launches inspirational book...


TO GIVE HOPE, INSPIRE: Sr Annette Chow holds up a copy of her book, Seeing God in All Things. –Photos: Curtis Chase

Mark Fraser

While it is important to nourish the body, it is also good to feed your spirit too says Sr Annette Chow.

Chow gave the public more food for thought with her new book, Seeing God in All Things, launched inside Heritage Hall, St Joseph’s Convent, Port of Spain, on March 11.

The book is a compilation of 24 monthly meditations by Chow that were previously published in the Catholic News from 2005 -2012 along with colour photo illustrations done by Kenny Joseph and Jens Kreyenborg.

To give hope and inspire others to seek a closer relationship with God, Chow said, “When we see something, what matters is that we really see it. In Retrench Village, where I now live, we have a tomato plant growing outside our property on Jah Land or Caroni land. Nobody planted it but it has borne the most tasty, succulent, organic tomatoes I have ever tasted. May this little book bear much fruit.”

Chow noted that that if her book helps at least one person to stand in awe before the mystery of life then it would be worthwhile.

Seeing God in All Things, originated from an insight that came to me at a seminar hosted by Prof Terry Julien,” she said.

She credited Sr Regina Leiba and Sr Juliana Alexander with their assistance in bringing this initiative to fruition.

Chow, a Sister of St Joseph of Cluny, was educated at St Joseph’s Convent, Port of Spain. She obtained a BA London (Latin, Spanish and English) and also did a BA in Theology at the seminary and University of the West Indies.

She taught for 15 years in schools in Tobago, Providence and St Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando, before getting involved in retreat work.

Very early in Chow’s ministry, she worked with Catholic Communications Studios producing radio and television programmes which at the time featured short meditations.

She was further inspired by her brother-in-law’s photographs (Kenny Joseph) to approach her friend, June Johnston, who was editor of the Catholic News, to do a monthly meditation with local photographs.

After her first photo meditation, “The Bridge Builders” which appeared in the Catholic News, January 2, 2005, Chow published 92 more monthly photo meditations between 2005-2012.

Highlighting a few chapters in the book, Seeing God in All Things, Johnston said, “What really struck me with this book were some of the titles, “Enjoy the Journey”, “Sign post”, “Meet the beast” and “Passing parade”. Every single one of these meditations really evokes joy. This is not just something for Lent or Easter but all seasons.”

Johnston also showcased some of the beautiful images inside the book which depict mainly flowers, fruits and a few birds.

The book is priced at $200 and profit from the sales will go to support the newly started One-day Retreat Centre in Retrench Village, San Fernando.

Though the book consists of 24 meditations, the possibility of a sequel exists, said, Johnston.

Copies of the book can be obtained from the Living Water Book Centre and the St Finbar’s Book Centre.