Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Get in your C-zone!


Mark Fraser


Mark Fraser

Most of us are aware of the T-zone, that zone on the face that usually produces more oil as compared to the other parts of our face which oftentimes create problems in terms of our skin’s appearance.  For this reason I have coined the term the “C-zone” or the clear zone, to demonstrate the simplicity in properly treating with your skin to ensure it remains clear and free from imperfections.  The C-zone begins at the middle of your right temple and goes around the circumference of your face, stopping at the top of your right cheek-bone, as shown in the diagram right. As such, below I have indicated the core areas of the face to facilitate easy comprehension.  Now, all you need is your professionally recommended choice of products with which to implement your daily and nightly skin care regiment. The selection of these products will depend on your skin condition and type and also upon the ambitions you hold for your skin. Here is a brief list of some common examples:

It must be noted that such recommendations may not easily be sourced in pharmacies or beauty sections of general stores and ought to be properly provided with brand name and proper usage by your professional, certified aesthetician.  

With respect to the C-zone, while the selection of products is critical, of equal importance is the manner in which these products are administered to the face.  Manufacturers’ directions cited at the back of products usually state that these products ought to be rubbed or massaged onto the face in an upward motion.  This is erroneous and a well advertised myth, as to do so usually results in the eventual formation of wrinkles on the forehead, under and outer eye area and the outer chin area.  Also if the face is not properly cleansed this upward massaging procedure can stimulate the proliferation or spread of bacteria to other parts of the face as the oils/grime/bacteria combine with the products and manoeuvre to the already infected sections of the face, creating newly infected areas.  If the C-zone is to remain clear, both the selection of product and its proper application are crucial.  As such, one ought to begin the administering of products from directly under the chin area using your four fingers of both hands and directing outwards towards the under ear/ jaw line.  Do this motion about three times, never actually rubbing back and forth, but spreading out and into the surface of the skin. Rinse your hands and proceed applying the products to the cheek area beginning by cupping both hands around the nose and moving outwards again to middle of the ear, again using the four fingers of both hands spreading evenly into the surface of the skin, but not in a back and forth motion. Do this three times, always starting again from a cupping motion around the nose.  Finally, rinse hands again and beginning at the nose bridge, between your eyes, cup both hands around the nose, and in an upward motion, move the four fingers of both hands outward and around the forehead, towards your temples.  Again repeat motion three times never rubbing back and forth but spreading evenly into the surface of the skin.

This is one of my guaranteed techniques to ensure clear skin, where the C-zone overhauls and surpasses the effect of the T-zone producing clear, dewy, even and balanced skin tones once the proper products and properly administered in a regular daily and nightly regime.

Again Happy New Year to all and may it be C-zoned with healthy lifestyle habits that produce a variety of clear smiles and clear skies…..

Ngozi Liverpool is a professionally certified aesthetician who specialises and provides professional institute treatments to individuals with problematic skin conditions.  For serious enquiries only, she can be contacted at


Complexion Skin Type Skin Condition Cycle of Product Selection



Medium-Brown to Fair skin Normal to Combination Dull and ashy in Cold temperatures, Cream cleanser, light

appearance with after exercise lotion and use of night

fine lines around cream with retinoid/vitamin

eyes, mouth A cream.


Dark-skin Combination/Oily Multiple white/black heads Menstruation cycle Cleanser with granules, 

purifying lotion and

nightly use of clarifying

serums with salicylic acids.


Red-Pale in complexion Dry to Combin. Flaky/inflamed with flare Sunny/heated days, Cream cleansers, soothing

ups and white heads cold temperatures lotions with nightly use of

clarifying serums for

fragile capillaries.