Saturday, December 16, 2017

Get that funky look


Khadija Peters displays unique pieces of jewelry. —Photo: Photos: Ishmael Salandy

Mark Fraser

It does not matter how many times you fall or fail to achieve the end result, the most important thing is that you get back up and try again. Jewelry enthusiast and procurer, Khadija Peters knows that all too well. Taking her dream and making it into reality did not come easy for this mother of one but she did and now Peters has made her dream into a business. She is the owner of Funky Punk an online accessories store that has her constantly on the go.

She said, “I have been doing this since January. There was a point when I wanted to change the name because I thought people would not take it seriously. However I realised at the end of the day, people did not care so much about the name but they were glad that they could get items of jewelry that they had never seen before.”

Initially, Peters began making her own jewelry however because of the demands at school and parenting she could not put in the time needed to complete her pieces. 

She said, “I put jewelry making on hold because the school semester was starting back up; however, I knew I could not stay away for long.”

Despite battling some self-doubt, Peters gained confidence and with the help of her boyfriend, Dion Herbert decided to go all out and develop her business even more. At 24, Peters has a degree in Business Administration and is currently pursuing her second degree in Education. She turns 25 on Mother’s Day and had some unique accessories for moms who want “bling” at an affordable price.

She said, “I mostly carry costume jewelry they are comprised of coloured stones, wrought iron and other materials. Many of my pieces are necklaces and jewelry sets. I have some bracelets and funky watches. Not everyone wants something bold so I have simpler pieces that are also different from the norm. Prices range from $50 all the up $275.”

She noted that she also carried some braided pieces of jewelry due to the fact that some customers have had a bad reaction to the metal made from costume jewelry.

“I want to cater for the young and young at heart. Just because you are a mature person that does not mean you have to have boring pieces of jewelry. What really pushed me into accessories was the fact that I have always been a person wanting to see people feel good about themselves. You can have the plainest outfit and then you get the right accessories to complement it and it becomes wow!” Peters said.

“As time passed I could not get over people’s reaction to the accessories I carried. They were so elated and I quickly realised that this is it; this is what I want to do,” she added.

“I think these accessories would make great Mother’s Day gift items since not everyone’s mom wants to get a pedicure or needs massage slippers or a robe or whatever is the “run-of-the-mill” item. If you know your mom has a funky personality and is young at heart; and is a fashionista then these pieces would be well suited for her,” she said.

 “I see myself successful and going far but it is all a matter of getting there,” she said.

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