Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Harts hit the trail tonight


One of the costumes from the Harts Carnival 2015 presentation, “Dominion of the Sun” being launched tonight at the O’2 Park, Chaguaramas.

Mark Fraser

Well, you can say that the countdown to the wining season begins tonight with the launch of the Harts Carnival presentation for 2015. Although other bands have already announced what their 2015 presentations will be, Harts is actually first in the party with their fete taking place tonight at the O’2 Park, Chaguaramas. The Harts family has traditionally always been the first to throw its band launch fete and also the first band to be sold out, usually on the very night of the unveiling.

Annalise Hee Chung, Harts Limited purchasing and operations manager told the Express they are expecting all 4,000 costumes to be sold out tonight or at least over the several days following the launch. Harts is in 2015 presenting, “Dominion of the Sun” exploring all the glorious fun that one can have under the sun as well as the rule that the great celestial body has on this planet and the life within. 

Hee Chung would not give away much on the presentation because they want to hold the surprises for tonight, but she said the sections are all designed by the Harts Limited team and costumes were created to please from the longstanding older members to the new young people who will be joining the band for the first time come 2015. The band is ensuring that there is something for every person wanting to play mas with Harts regardless of age, physical built, economic position or social standing. 

“We still sell out very early and that is because we keep the band current and evolve to keep pulling the crowd. The committee has both young people and also the older people so that we can meet the needs of everyone. Harts is a band that families and friends have played in for generations and what happens is that when their children turn 18-years-old and are ready to play mas their mothers and fathers encourage them to come in. they join Harts because of the experience their parents, relatives and older friends told them about,” Hee Chung said.

Harts also does not offer all inclusive packages because its members are not interested in that kind of service. The band continues to feature what is called the “Cart Service” in which groups of families, friends and also corporate entities have their own dedicated drink and food carts moving with them along the route. Whenever one wants a drink or snack they don’t need to go in search of a drinks truck because their cart is right there with them.

“We maintain the cart system because the masqueraders prefer it that way. Harts people are not interested in having their makeup reapplied on the road or getting a massage while en route, they just want to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Families, friends and corporate groups put together their carts and they just pull whatever they want whn they are ready. They don’t have to go in search of refreshments and when its time for lunch they have their food, whatever they want, right there,” Hee Chung said.

Hee Chung said that Harts is also seeking to hold to tradition and be among the first, if not the first band to cross the Queen’s Park Savannah stage next year and then play it by ear according to what the masqueraders want to do. She said the band is also continuing to build all its costumes from base up rather than order costumes from China or Japan. “We order materials from China, India and New York then build all our costumesw from scratch,” Hee Chung said.

Tonight’s launch will feature several popular DJ’s including Kern Crosby, Hans and Gonzo, Nick Pena and Marcus Williams.