Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hope Centre gets material to fix roof


Varma Iron and Steel Company Limited's marketing director Nalini Persaud (left) with Hope Centre's care taker Sandra Williams, during the handing over of material to repair the roof. Photo by Dexter Philip.

Donstan Bonn

GALVANISED roofing sheets and other material were donated to Hope Centre in San Fernando on Saturday.

The material, costing approximately $4,000, was donated by Varma Iron and Steel Company Limited.The company is located at Southern Main Road, Plaisance Park, Claxton Bay.

Nalini Persaud, the company's marketing director, said that last year, the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project was launched.

Persaud, who volunteers to help children at Hope Centre , was asked to assist in the donation, since the existing roof was in state of disrepair.

She said Varma Iron and Steel and Company Limited will expand its assistance to other organisations such the Gift of Life Foundation.

She said: "Next month, we are trying to work with the Gift of Life Foundation using social media. For every like the company gets on its Facebook page, we will donate one dollar to them. We still have to work on that."

The family owned and operated company was not just about building a business but giving back to people, Persaud said.