Sunday, February 18, 2018

I am beautiful

Be confident and dare to say about your appearance...

Many women in Trinidad and Toba­go and around the world have a hard time acknowledging their beauty. 

It does not seem like such a difficult task, but according to a 2004 survey done by Dove in ten different countries, only two per cent of women felt comfortable to say they are beautiful. 

Dove, one of the leading personal-care brands in the world, believes beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety, and is committed to inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential by caring for themselves and each other. 

“In 2010, Dove did another survey and saw improvement. We saw that only four per cent of women around the world consider themselves beautiful and that figure is still too low,” said Shelly Ann Simon McKell, Unilever marketing manager for Hair and Skin Cleansing.

The results from the survey were the catalyst to spur Dove to do something about it and get women to see their beauty and be comfortable in their own skin. Targeting women of all ages and from all walks of life to take a closer look at themselves, Dove created the campaign “Dare to say I’m beautiful” to help change the way women see beauty.

The event started at 3 p.m. at Movie­Towne, Port of Spain, on July 3, and comprised five stages. The event gave some women food for thought.

In the first stage, women were asked two questions concerning their beauty and how confident they felt in their appearance. Du­ring the second stage, they looked at a video which shared the results of the survey and how women viewed their physical appearance. The third stage, they were asked to take a look in a full-length mirror and say what they found beautiful in their appearance.

 In the fourth stage, they were asked to write on Dove’s beauty wall what they found beautiful about themselves. The fifth and final stage, their picture was taken and a copy was given to them to remember the experience.

Mala Roopnarine and her daughter, Gayatri Dass, were just two out of a crowd of women who took part in the event.

Dass, a pupil of Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College, admitted when it came to her appearance, it was something she had to think about.

She said, “Honestly, I wasn’t sure about my appearance. It is very easy to look in the mirror and see things that you would like to change. This experience has taught me that beauty is not just on the outside but it also comes from within.”

 Simon McKell said, “It is not that women don’t see beauty, but it is easier for them to see beauty in a friend or someone else rather than themselves.

“This is not a new problem. It is something that has been happening for years. People try to aspire to be like people they see on television or magazines and, at times, these aspirations can be unrealistic.” 

She noted, sadly, women from a very young age, through magazines, media and other forms of advertisements, are shown they need to use this cream or this perfume to be beautiful and not just simply told they are beautiful.

Crystal Ramroop exuded confidence about her appearance but had some advice for women, “Stop complaining about your faults and focus on the beauty,” she said.

Simon McKell noted Dove will be at Trincity Mall on July 19 and at Gulf City Mall later this month.