Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ice cream...

for adults


‘UNIQUE QUALITY’: Khelice Rennie, brand manager, Cold Chain Division, Amco, shows Mercer’s Port Ice Cream. —Photos: Micheal Bruce

Mark Fraser


PREMIUM BLENDS: Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream - Port, Cherry Merlot and White Riesling.

Mark Fraser

If you appreciate a good Merlot or Chardonnay after a long day at the office, now you can have your favourite wine for dessert. 

A blend of premium ice cream and carefully selected wines that excite your tastebuds, Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream is distributed solely by Alston’s Marketing Co Ltd (Amco).

The new ice cream first came into Trinidad in 2011 and was later reintroduced to the market between the latter part of 2012 into 2013. Using a wide array of fruits and other fresh ingredients, Mercer’s has a wide range of flavours that include: Chocolate Cabernet, Port, Cherry Merlot, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Peach White Zinfandel and White Riesling. 

Utilising cherries, plums, peaches, and even chocolate, Mercer’s Ice Cream has a fruity, crisp taste that would be welcomed on a hot day.

Based in the United States, Mercer’s in 2006 perfected the art of blending ice cream with wine and pride themselves on creating an elegant but adult dessert. 

With six exciting flavours to choose from, the colours are subtle and inviting. Creamy and rich, the ice cream has five per cent alcohol by volume. Carrying a distinctive smell and taste, the flavours get their unique names from what they contain.

Cherry Merlot combines Mercer’s premium ice cream with Bordeaux cherries blended with a Merlot wine that carries plum and black cherry undertones.

Chocolate Cabernet is a chocolate lover’s paradise. Taking Cabernet wine filled with dried cherry and cassis notes with Mercer’s chocolate ice cream filled with bits of bittersweet chocolate morsels.

Peach White Zinfandel combines a White Zinfandel wine distinguished for its fruity undertones and pleasant finish with fresh peaches.

Port blends Mercer’s ice cream and their award-winning Ruby Port wine that is known for its rich, heavily-bodied flavour.

Red Raspberry Chardonnay is a blend of raspberry sauce and a Chardonnay wine known for its delicate vanilla nose and buttery smooth taste.

Riesling combines Mercer’s ice cream with a dry white wine that is fruity and has a smooth finish.

Brand manager, Cold Chain Division, Amco, Khelice Rennie, said, “In the United States to be classified as a premium ice cream it has to be between 13 -17 per cent butterfat content. Mercer’s is actually 15 per cent so that lends to the quality of the product.”

Rennie noted that the ice cream is unique and, because of that fact, he felt it would have great appeal in Trinidad for ice cream and wine lovers. 

Amco currently distributes only pint-size containers and each pint has the equivalent of a six-ounce glass of wine. Internationally, Mercer’s Ice Cream comes in various sizes, and plans for small individual containers, approximately four ounces in size, to be distributed in Trinidad are still being discussed.

Rennie said, “When we did a sampling, the top three flavours were Port, Chocolate Cabernet and a toss-up between Red Raspberry Chardonnay and Cherry Merlot. However, you would find some people liking the taste of the others as well.”

“Due to the alcohol content, the ice cream is not suitable for children. This is an adult dessert so it is only for people 18 years and older,” he added.

Currently, Mercer’s ice cream is available at all Tru Valu outlets, a few Hi-Lo outlets and other selected stores. Plans are under way to make the ice cream more available in Central and South locations, Rennie said.