Sunday, February 25, 2018

In style for Easter


CHIC: Eclectic and ethnic prints are in for Easter Fashion, like this Carnaby St, Maraval Boho Chic dress.

Mark Fraser

Next to Christmas and the New Year, Easter is another time of the year that women get an excuse to go clothes-shopping; not that they really need one! 

This past week,  clothing stores in Port of Spain slashed prices in the name of Easter, making it even easier for women to part ways with their dollars.

If you’re still not sure about what’s trending in Easter fashion  then wonder no more. The Express did a little knocking about earlier this week and found that florals are in bloom; and can be found on tops and dresses, graphic patterns are bringing attention to legs via trousers, yellows are mellow, blush is back and oh, orange is the new black.

 At Radical Designs, Excellent City Centre, Port of Spain, long  maxi dresses in solid colours like black, white found favour with the shoppers according to sales clerk Felicia.

Short shorts and  multicoloured tops  were among the top sellers according to  sales clerk Felicia.

At Carnaby St, Shoppes of Maraval, owner Marty Lovell said, “Customers want simple, to the point, no messing around styling.”

“Liquid maxi dresses are popular given our warm climate and are often used for beach/garden weddings this time of year and also for the upcoming Jazz festival.”

She added that “reveal and conceal” is the term coined for lace tops and dresses that give a peek without revealing too much.

“That continues to be popular as it gives a rich look of sensual elegance--especially for weddings.”

 The Lady or Empire waist dress, described by Lovell as “always a winner with Caribbean women”, also gets another spin in the spotlight -  in this revolving door called fashion where yesterday’s looks are trending today.

 “Although  the new longer length would be problematic for shorter women, the tall women  with model-like heights will enjoy wearing them.” 

According to Marty, who keeps fashion followers of the Carnaby St Facebook page updated daily on what to wear, one should keep an eye on pastels and eclectic and ethnic prints. 

Your Easter wear would not say a word if you leave out the all important accessories.

“Chains, bracelets and earrings make an outfit stand out more,” Felicia said.

Marty agreed: This is the Caribbean. Think outlandish, striking jewelery.”