Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Independence kaiso shootout tomorrow


The finalists of the Lord Brynner 50th Anniversary Independence Calypso competition.

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A woman may tomorrow become the second Independence Calypso Monarch, well, actually the winner of the Lord Brynner 50th Anniversary Independence Calypso competition the final of which takes place at the Grand Stand, Queen's Park Savannah.

The finalists, six women and six men, drew for performance positions on Thursday and former National Calypso Monarch, Singing Sandra will face the judges first performing, "Red, White and Black." The woman hailed as, Mother, by many of the younger calypsonians coming up including some of her competitors, is well poised to claim the half million dollar first prize.

Reigning National Calypso Monarch, Duane O'Connor is also in good standing to take the title with his calypso, "Unity In Independence." Another woman to watch tomorrow is the 2011 National Calypso Monarch, Karene Asche who will sing, "TnT Forever," while fellow former monarch, Luta is hoping that his offering titled, 50/50 will earn him the title.

Slipping into the finals at the last minute was Sugar Aloes who was bumped up from being a reserve after Brian London was disqualified because the judges said that his song, "This Is My Land" had been performed previously by Eunice Peters who sang it at the preliminaries of a national calypso competition in 2010. Aloes will perform, "Team T and T," while Devon Seales takes his place in the reserve seat.

The competition is named after Lord Brynner because he won the inaugural run of it in 1962 a few days before Trinidad and Tobago became an independent nation. Thirty-six calypsonians were chosen for the audition from which 12 finalists were chosen. The first prize then was $1,000. The final was on August 15 and people packed the newly built Town Hall (City Hall) in Port of Spain. People listened to the show over at Woodford Square where speakers had been set up for a live broadcast.

The linup tomorrow is as follows:

1 Singing Sandra - "Red, White and Black"

2 Chucky - "Bear With Me"

3 Luta - "50/50"

4 Duane O'Connor " Unity In Independence"

5 Kizzy Ruiz " TnT Forever"

6 Sugar Aloes - "Team T And T"

7 Karene Asche "Casscadoo"

8 Michelle Henry - "Our National Watchword"

9 Heather Mac Intosh - "The Reason"

10 Karen Eccles - "Give. I Will Reciprocate"