Monday, January 22, 2018

Island women stun


From the section Rave (Party Forever).

Mark Fraser

Island People Mas gave a gala preview of what is to come for Carnival 2015 showcasing costumes from 11 sections of its presentation titled Celebrate. The costumes come with the essential ingredients — feathers and bling and the intriguing designs saw female masqueraders in monokinis and bikinis with mostly elaborate head pieces. The head pieces of some of their male counterparts are also elaborate. The sections are featured in three segments — Comfort, Core and Celebration. The 11 pieces which make up these segments are Heliocentric (Centre of the revolution), Energia (Rise of the new Dawn); Seventh C (Centre yourself); Hakan (Release you inner flame); Psychedelic Soul (The Beauty Inside); Maiara (Celebrate inner wisdom); Prism (Shine you inner light); Champagne (Dazzle them with glitz); Universe (Celebrate it); Rave (Party Forever); Soiree (The Good Life).

Sonia Mack was recognised as the Island People Mas Designer of the Decade for her design contributions over all of the past ten presentations. Renee Williams, JP Richardson, Christian Boucaud, Darlea Burkett and Jamie Romero, Anton Francis, Hamzah Mohammed, Odette Nikisha Jack, Ladelin Garcia, Patrice Regis and Michael Limchoy are also part of the design team.

The launch of Celebrate was a continuation of last year’s concept which is titled The Whole and which was staged at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) in Port of Spain.