Friday, February 23, 2018

It's only mustard

Chucky's new video on the edge


A young lady reaches to the ceiling from on a table as Chucky sits watching in a scene from his music video for, "I Never".

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See, it was just mustard the lady was putting on a hot dog for Chucky. Images captured off the music video for, "I Never".

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The talk on Twitter since around Tuesday is how brazen soca artiste Chucky is in the just-released music video for his Carnival 2013 single, "I Never". In the song Chucky defends himself against a man who accuses him of wining on his woman. The reigning National Independence Calypso Monarch counters that it was the woman who came up on him and all he did was what comes naturally when bumper meets fender.

There is one scene in particular that people are referring to as the "mustard" in which initially all you are seeing in the shot is Chucky sitting making interesting expressions while a young lady is leaning over him moving her arms vigorously.

To say the scene is suggestive is an understatement and Chucky's hillairous facial contortions don't help one bit. As the camera pans you realise that the young woman is only putting mustard on a hot dog for Chucky. And you know how hard it sometimes is to get mustard out of the bottle.

In another scene a woman is bent over Chucky's lap dipping up and down in yet another quite suggestive scene. Then just as you think things are getting too heated up comes the young lady who was simply getting ice out of the cooler for her drink. And throughout the video there are more really steamy scenes that will have viewers, well, sitting up erect in your seat.

"We played with the mind to capture people's attention and I guess it worked. When I checked on Youtube there were already over 6,000 hits in just one day since it was released. That is phenomenal for a soca video. It was directed by Ahmad Muhammad who I must say did a great job. The concept for the video was developed based on a music video we saw for a song called, "Rosanna". It is not exactly like that video, but the idea is similar," Chucky said.

Chucky said the original idea was to do a party scene where he entered and ended up wining with a woman whose man gets angry and challenges him. But that would have been literal, Chucky said. He said there was no intention to be offensive and they were just seeking to do a music video that was fun and had some comedy in it. He said everyone in the video are friends of his from school, his neighbourhood and people he has worked with before.

"I am so happy we went this way and not the literal party scene. In Trinidad when you talk about wine and wining that can be anything. The words have more than one meaning and we played on that. Also, when people see certain things, they assume that what is happening is sexual and we used that kind of imagery to draw certain reactions then when you realise what is actually taking place you laugh at yourself. But you still want to see it again," Chucky said.

Chucky whose birth name is, Roderick Gordon and is at present completing his thesis in order to earn his Masters degree is also a calypsonian. He will in 2013 be performing his winning Independence calypso, "Bear With Me" at the Kaiso House Calypso Tent. He is also working on another calypso for the season.

Chucky will on Monday release another soca single titled, "Anything I Want (Single)". He also has a pan song titled, "Champions" that he said several small and medium steel orchestras are rehearsing as their respective Panorama tune of choice. He is also working on another pan song with Alvin Daniell.

In the meantime Chucky intends to continue to defend himself against all the men who are accusing him of wining in their women proclaiming loud and clear, "I Never".