Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jacobs' Journey


All the right notes: Entertainer Caryl “Trini” Jacobs —Photo courtesy JC MANAGEMENT

Andrew Manswell

Entertainer Trini Caryl Jacobs is at a stage in her career where she is hitting all the right notes for success. Various significant life experiences have set off a rippling effect, beginning in her personal life and carrying right through to her career. However, as Jacobs continues to make her presence felt in the entertainment industry she juggles life as a single parent – her son, Angelo-Carl Jacobs is three years old. Jacobs also manages Sexy Boo, a hair and beauty supply shop, which she and her parents, veteran entertainers Carl and Carol Jacobs, recently opened on Madras Street in St James. 

Two months ago Jacobs supported her father while he received intense treatment for throat cancer. The experience has taught Jacobs various important lessons – she intends to seize every opportunity to celebrate and appreciate her life, her personal growth and career achievements.   

 The entertainer, who is currently being managed by JC Management, has released two groovy songs for the 2014 Carnival season – “Breakaway” and “Shining Star” – her third release will be forthcoming within the coming weeks.  She is excited about this season and all its possibilities.  Jacobs says she is happy with what she has produced this season.

“Last year I put everything I had into our family business because it was important to get it up and running. My dad decided to come home and we had to put in extra-long hours to make things happen where the store is concerned which was fine for me because I always say God first and  then family so that is how I roll with my team. I am just focused on my future and taking into account all my experiences. I am also a young entrepreneur and a single mother and I am learning and growing as I go along.” 

“I am doing my best. Two months ago we found out that daddy had throat cancer so we have also been dealing with that. He is doing fantastic; he’s actually just starting to recover.  It has impacted his body but physically he looks great. I thank God for that. I am not ready to lose him I know a lot of people who had the same thing and did not make it so clearly he still has a purpose. He is strong minded and does not give up. I am really proud of him. He has a natural love for life and people. It was his idea for us to open the store; he always wanted me to get into hair business. He is also one of those guys who understands women and weave,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs remains optimistic about her father’s health and her own career. “After having my son I really realize that my passion is music and I made a decision with myself to really devote my time to finish my production for 2014. I used to stay focus on one genre but I decided to produce all my music and then find the correct market to push it so that way I get a more international all-round contribution of all the music that I love create. I am comfortable doing any genre.  I’ll go with the flow with the competitions. I am just about making the music and putting it out there. I realize what’s important and it’s not about me hyping up myself or trying to over compete for the Soca monarch competitions that are ahead. But what I am experiencing is more of a self-evolution and self-awareness of who I am. I am more developed in how I hear harmonies and I’m a much better writer now.”

She added: “I am focused on getting myself totally prepared as an artiste. Before I used to sit and focus on my success and base it on if my song gets played on the radio and stuff like that but I don’t worry about those things any more.  I will do my best and go with flow. I have a lot of projects going on and the journey will always continue.   I love to be on stage I love performing so every opportunity I get to do that I will grasp it. I am open to performing with various bands on a freelance. The first band I performed with was Invasion then I joined Roy Cape All Stars.” 

Jacobs said becoming parent is in part responsible for her maturity.  

“Motherhood has its trying times but it’s beautiful. I’ve grown so much. I am more tolerant and patient.  I am naturally a happy- go- lucky person, so being a parent is really good to me it has me a lot more grounded and focused. My son inspires me. I am hoping for a continued happy and successful journey and I intend to keep releasing music.”