Sunday, February 25, 2018

Joanne takes crown with tribute to pan

Having performed backing vocals for many calypsonians in their respective quests to win competitions over the years, some of them victorious, Joanne Foster, on Monday night, sang her way to her own coveted title when she won the 2013 National Calypso Queen competition.

Foster performed "More Than An Oil Drum" at the final of the competition produced by the National Women's Action Committee and presented at the Cascadia Hotel, St Ann's. The calypso, composed by Don Clarke, with lyrics by Gregory "GB" Ballantyne, pays tribute to the pan and its role in placing this nation on the world stage.

Foster, like most of her opponents that night, delivered an impressive performance that earned her hearty applause, along with the title. The 1994 National Song Festival winner began her calypso career in 1995, performing at the Spektakula Forum calypso tent.

In that same season, Foster was presented with the award for most promising female calypsonian by the National Carnival Commission. From 2003 to 2010, she made it to the final of the South Calypso Monarch competition and also competed at the National Calypso Monarch semi-final several times.

Roslyn Reid placed second with her rendition of "With You I Belong" while Cindy Alleyne, who only last week placed second with her calypso "I Pay Honour", came in third this time. Interestingly, Ballantyne's daughter, Malaika Ballantyne, who is also the reigning Miss La Reine Rive Queen, took fourth place, singing "Target 365".

It is a tradition of NWAC to each year pay tribute to at least two women who have contributed to the development of the nation through culture and other endeavours. This year, the honours went to actress Shirley "Beulah" King and dancer/choreographer Carol La Chappelle. Both women were present to receive their awards and the appreciation of the sold-out audience.

National Calypso

Queen results

Courtesy the National Women's Action Committee

1st: Joanne Foster—More than an Oil Drum

2nd: Roslyn Reid—With You I Belong

3rd: Cindy Alleyne—I Pay Honour

4th: Malaika Ballantyne—Target 365

5th: Joy C—Implementation a Must

6th: Lady Adanna—The Last Call

7th: Natasha Nurse—Dangerous Dog Bill

8th: Lesley Ann Ellis—Who Run the World

9th: Tammico Moore—Where Is Equality

10th: Terri Lyons—Born Fighter

10th: Eunice Peters—

Tribute to Keshorn D Javelin Champion

12th: Marva Mc Kenzie—Plenty More to Repeal