Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kaiso against crime

Women take a stand to stop violence now

Calypsonian Twiggy and the Women of Kaiso House, armed with the theme of a 27-year-old song in which most calypsonians of the day (1986) performed, mounted a protest in a stance against crime in Trinidad and Tobago.

"Now is the Time", a song performed for the album Calypso for Africa in the 80s was the "war" cry of the women.

Now is the time to "stop the

violence, now is the time to take a stance", shouted the protesting females as they walked along Ariapita Avenue in Port of Spain, dressed in white and holding lighted candles and protest signs in their hands.

The women and cast of Kaiso House celebrated their sisters in song, in commemoration of International Women's Day, with a concert at the Nu Pub (formerly Mas Camp) in Woodbrook. Before the concert, they were joined by soca artistes, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and members of the public in the fight against crime.

As mothers, sisters, daughters and aunts, their cry was "enough is enough", making their statement with a rallying cry outside Synergy TV's studio on Ariapita Avenue.

The women, along with some

of their male counterparts, then gathered in front of the Nu Pub to chant their disapproval of the crime situation.

The protest was seen as a bold but necessary step as women take the lead in the fight against crime.

According to Singing Sandra, who has been in the belly of the beast (crime) in Morvant, "It is time for we women to wake up and take the lead in this fight. Is only we could bring it back."