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Lampshades, a stunning change for your home

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A transparent Victorian Carousel.

Mark Fraser


A pure silk Empire Shade with a beaded trim for a finishing touch.

Mark Fraser

A lampshade is a frame that typically fits on the top of a lamp and covers the lighting source. It serves both decorative and functional purposes that go back several centuries. One of the best ways to create a particular ambiance and enhance the décor of your home is by using lamp shades. The charm of a room comes with its light, which play a major role in creating a mood. Colours and types of light represent different moods; a dim light can set a romantic tone for example, the best lampshade is one which gets involved with the ambiance of the room. It can give a room a new appearance without having to change your furniture.

Today, lampshades are not only used just for lighting, but also as accessories. A simple light can be transformed into a stunning piece of home décor just by covering it with a lampshade. You can put a shade on any type of lamp, whether it is a table or standing lamp. The shade should be attractive in keeping with your theme and it should also be a few inches wider than the base of the lamp. At present, lampshades are available in an array of materials and textures such as: silk, velvet, linen, handmade paper and burlap. They are also made in stone, porcelain and stained glass. Yes, I know it could be a difficult task to choose a lampshade because of the variety! So let’s look at a few styles available on the market.

Glass Lampshades — They are graceful and elegant, and are available in antique and classic designs. Manufacturers have also been incorporating modern designs. Styles of the glass lampshade include painted, ball, lily or tulip shaped, and stained glass. Although they can be exquisite, they are also very fragile and can be fairly expensive to replace.

Tiffany Style Lampshades — This style of lampshade has been redesigned and reproduced into every type of function, shape, colour, animal and flower. They are made up of several pieces of stained glass, which are soldered together with a copper border around each piece. They are typically adorned with motifs depicting nature. This style of lampshade is not made to blend into your décor: they stand out because of their dazzling beauty. Any plain lamp can be transformed into a work of art with this kind of stained glass shade.

Antique and Victorian Lampshades — This style of lampshade is my personal favourite. They are similar in design and made of satin, velvet, silk or lace and are usually custom designed and handmade. When embellished with a braid or beaded fringe, these styles are quite beautiful and elegant.

Chandelier Lampshades — They are just as pretty and dramatic as the Antique and Victorian lampshades. These shades are decorative pieces of art. They enhance your bedroom when placed by the bedside, or give your living room a vibrant and lively look.

Apart from these above lampshades there are also drum, french country, flute, pendant, rectangle, hexagon, octagon and so many others all available in various designs, colours and styles to suit any home décor. For the more creative and artistic among us, why not make your own shade? Visiting any number of “How To” sites online and YouTube for great home project ideas.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to CMB Designs for allowing me to feature photos of their locally manufactured lamps and lampshades.

Have fun with your shades...Enjoy!

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