Saturday, February 24, 2018

Leather and locs


Burton shows off his locs.

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Marion shows off her locs.

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Tobagonian Ted Arthur is a craftsman with some of the most popular clients in the world, Queen Elizabeth II, US President Barrack and several other heads of government, First Lady Michelle Obama, Virgin's bossman Ted Branson, singers Natalie Cole, Chaka Khan and India Arie.

For over 20 years, Arthur has been working with different types of leather to produce "one of a kind" quality products in shoes, handbags and slippers for the domestic and international markets.

Karen Lashley-Agard is the owner of Kissi's Ltd and she has been working with natural hair for more than 22 years, specialising in locs.

Over the years she has developed her unique blend of hair care products by carefully combining herbal elements and natural oils.

The two came together six years ago and formed an alliance and on last Friday they launched Ted Arthur's first ever line of leather jewelry at Kissi's Limited on Picton Street, Newtown.

The event which attracted customers from both Trinidad and Tobago was titled Wine, Cheese, Leather and Locs and featured hairstyles by Lashley-Agard and leather works by Arthur.

Arthur's leather products are featured in bright colours and draws you towards them, when you get close you then see the intricate work that goes into the well made products.

The quiet Tobagonian says, "I like to be different, I don't think I ever