Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lovely ladies in Las Cuevas

Miss World Trinidad and Tobago candidates showcase swimwear and ravewear


From left, Sarah Jane Waddell, Denielle Jack, Shanea Acosta, Jessica Didier, Rachelle Marcial and Afeya Jeffrey in ravewear from Mermaid Designs. CREDITS: SwimWear & Ravewear: Mermaid Designs Hair: Bally Make-up: Kirk Thomas Photography: Calvin French Styling: Nigel Celestin and Mermaid Designs Shoes: Converse On Location at: Las Cuevas Beach

Mark Fraser

 On Friday 20th June 2014, seven contestants for Miss World Trinidad and Tobago took part in an exciting and upbeat fashion photo shoot at Las Cuevas Beach. 

The clothing featured is swimwear and ravewear from Mermaid Designs, a boutique which specialises in swimwear, ravewear, costuming and accessories.

Founded in 2011, Mermaid Designs’ vision is to stimulate the intrinsic imaginative and creative abilities which lie within each individual through fashion. It is now located at Simplicity Plaza, Murray Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, just look for the eye-catching mermaids painted on the interior by artist Dave Cooper. 

From the beginning, Ravewear, which emerged from the clothing choices of aficionados of Electronic Dance Music (“E.D.M.”) Scene, always had its own fashion.

Over time the EDM/Rave Scene has even developed its own culture and outlook, which has manifested itself in such movements as “P.L.U.R.”, which means peace, love, unity, and respect.

Ravers, unlikely fashionistas that they may be, have always wanted to stand out in their club wear which has traditionally included bright colours, eclectic mixtures and lightweight fabrics.

Some of these clothing choices are practical; others enhance the effects of UV or laser lighting popular in most clubs and some outdoor events.

Freedom of expression in rave culture through one’s clothing choices has always been the mainstay of EDM and the designs and vibrant colours which are hallmarks of most ravewear have even begun to appear in mainstream fashion, for example, the recent neon colour craze, which has been worn by both celebrities and the average person.

A rise in global awareness of infamous party hubs such as Ibiza and of festivals such as Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival and the recently held Trinidad and Tobago leg of the Life In Colour Tour, has brought ravewear to a wider audience.  

In recognition of this, many clubs such as the Zen Night Club and even upcoming popular events such as Mantra which takes place this Sunday at Maracas, have called for patrons to attend their events in ravewear. Rave season is definitely here, what will you be wearing?

Ravewear can include, but is not limited to, tutus, distinctive swimwear, neon clothing and accessories, LED clothing and accessories, colourful leg warmers/ socks, and “Kandi” which is a type of brightly coloured beaded accessory which may or may not be exchanged by event goers at Raves.

The sheer delight of festival and club goers who enjoy standing out, having fun, and/or manifesting their alter egos through their ravewear is nothing short of infectious.

It is this joy which can be seen on the models’ faces in these photos as they showcase some of our suggested looks for stylish ravewear.