Saturday, January 20, 2018

Meet Mr Pregnant



"Mr Pregnant" Atelston Fitzgerald Holder

Donstan Bonn

Sue-Ann Wayow

Sometimes making it on the world stage is nowhere near as satisfying as being known in the place you were born.

Which is why comedian Atelston Fitzgerald Holder, who goes by the interesting name "Mr Pregnant" wants locals to know he is representing them well.

Holder is now resident in New York and and his comedic videos posted on YouTube draw thousands of views. Trinbagonians may remember Holder by his local sobriquet "Fishey."

Originally from Buenos Ayres, a village on Trinidad's south coast. Holder participated in "Scouting for Talent" competitions, the Caribbean Comedy Festival and the World Laugh Festival alongside top local comedians including Tommy Joseph, Sprangalang and Learie Joseph.

He said the name "Mr Pregnant" was a "metaphorical" term meaning " full of it."

Holder migrated to New York, USA in 1999. Since then, he made appearances on VH1, MTV, and The Dave Chappelle Show.

He performs at the New York Comedy Club. He said " I would like Trinidad and Tobago to give me some recognition for my work.

It is a travesty to be walking down the streets on New York City and everyone knows me. I want my own people to know me."

Holder who declined to give any personal information, said to local comedians, "Comedy is such a subjective theme to demystify, its an enigma I'm still embracing with an intuitive sense of naive-ness, and the word "advice" feels authoritative, and I'm just a child exploring my imagination, using humor as a medium of expression."

His internet sites are for skits and monologues, and, for West Indian Comedy.

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