NEW IMAGE: Singer/songwriter, Rita Jones has redefined who she is as an artiste and is ready to take her career to a higher level in 2013. She will perform with the band, 3Veni for Carnival. —Photos courtesy Rita JOnes' management.


New beginning for Rita

By Verdel Bishop

Sometimes in life it is necessary to put your house in order — soca entertainer Rita Jones, has done just that. The songstress is at a stage in her career where she is ready for a fresh start. That fresh start for Jones comes in the form of her 2013 groovy soca release titled "Cyah Tie Me Down". Jones is speaking up for the ladies in this song — she is telling the guys that buying a drink for a lady in a party is no excuse to "latch on throughout the party". It is a scenario which most women have experienced from time to time and Jones has craftily dealt with it through a sassy, groovy content which she is confident will steer her to a successful 2013 season.

Jones has more releases in the pipelines for the coming weeks, evidence that she is moving full throttle with her career.

According to Jones, "I did a lot of work this year. This year I really want to brand myself and push my music. I want my music to speak for itself; I wasn't doing that before — I never really got to do that. Now it's all about me and my music and having positive influence around me. I've learnt the hard way that image is very important. I have a programme and I will stick with it. I have taken the responsibility in my own hands now and I have a new management team. Before that I was just singing and doing shows, and I wasn't really branching out so now I'm trying to do that," Jones said.

She added, "I am hungry for more music; I want to make a lot of music so that is my focus. I am a solo artiste but I also freelance with other bands, I don't mind doing that because it allows me to stretch my limits. It adds diversity when it comes to the shows and it's an opportunity for me to spread my music around," she said. Apart from her music, Jones said when it comes to her personal style she has ramped up her image. While she refused to divulge too much information and wants to surprise her fans, she simply offered that stylistically speaking things are going to be very different. "It's left to be seen. It's going to be different. I already in talks with my team and things are going to be different," she said.

Jones, known for her melodic groovy songs like "Carnival Feeling", said it is not in her personality to sing about wining and drunkenness. She prefers her lyrics to be feel-good lyrics and more or less songs for the ladies. "In this song I'm just saying that when ladies go to a party and a guy buys her a drink he tends to want to latch on to her for the whole night. So "Cyah Tie Me Down is saying don't hold me down whole night just because you bought me a drink, I just want to party and enjoy myself," Jones said. She added, "I've never sang about rum and getting drunk because it's not me. Instead I would think about how I feel in a party or how other ladies would want to feel and write happy lyrics. I prefer to sing songs for my fans to release their stress and have a good time," she said.

"Cyah Tie Me Down" was written by Jones in collaboration with Qban and Ricochae who also produced the song out of OS Studios in Arima. The song is on the Gaping Rhythm. "This is the first production out of their studio. Next week I'm dropping four more songs and I plan to do a video. I've never done a video before so I'm looking forward to that," Jones said. She is also looking forward to entering some of the major competitions. While Jones is also comfortable with the faster pace of power soca, she prefers the sweet melodies of groovy soca. "People don't want to jump up all the time; especially the older folks they just want to enjoy themselves," she said. But I will do fast pace, I have one fast tune for the season which I plan to release. I love singing I love being in this business. It doesn't matter to me what type of mood I am in, I love to entertain. I could be having boyfriend troubles, the rain could be falling, I could be sad or hungry, and once I get on that stage everything changes. I love to see people enjoy themselves; it's good feeling. I would never say no to soca," Jones said.

Jones began to get recognition in 2006 with two songs — "Carnival Feeling" with Roy Cape All Stars and "Hard Core Loving" with Bunji Garlin. In 2007 she launched her solo career with a groovy soca offering, called "Bounce and Move." When Jones is not flying solo she is on stage with JMC 3veni.

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