Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New year, new habits

Eight essential tips to be healthier in 2013

It's a new year and I wish you all health, strength, prosperity and all else you wish for yourself. Many of us have ambitious or somewhat challenging situations/resolutions/goals ahead of us, and I'm no different. All success to you as I wish the same for myself, through God's grace.

While by worldwide and more so Trini standards I'm considered to be slim, it is a goal of mine to do a very slight reduction. In the last year, I ate a lot, had many late-night meals, and it's showing on the scales and in my clothes. Basically, every lifestyle disease that exists, exists in my family, and as a recent entrant to the 30s realm, I have to be mindful that diseases and weight are no respecter of man.

I feel heavy when I walk, and it is reflected in the frequency of callus build up on my heel. Believe it or not, weight impacts in a major way on those two little things (feet) that carry us around and that we take for granted.

Some of us would have overdone it for the Christmas season— from the pastelles to the black cake, ponche de creme, sorrel, ham, turkey and everything else in between. And let's not forget the cleaning and curtain changing. To top it off, on Christmas Day, the feast we prepared. Oh, our poor feet! Right now, some of us are experiencing edema (swelling), soreness, pain and severe discomfort, all for the love of the season.

Your feet mirror your general health...cherish them!

—Leana Huntley is an English-trained foot health practitioner attached to

ALMAWI Ltd—The Holistic Clinic.

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