Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nicole Medford's Book: A SWAMP TALE


Author Nicole Medford

Donstan Bonn


Donstan Bonn

A CRAB, a snake, a fish and a boy are the main characters in a story

book written to inform children about the environment - particularly the

Caroni swamp.

Its author Nicole Medford got inspiration to write her first novel from her father Philip Medford who would tell her stories about growing up in the swamp.

Her grandfather, who was a game warden, drowned in that the swamp, which was the area he protected. Medford lives in Chaguanas and she spent 12 years of her life writing her first book - A Swamp Tale.

It was published in 2010.

The reason the book took so long to be completed was because of the extensive research that was done, and due to her job. Within that time frame she also gave birth to a son and daughter.

Medford is a medical lab technologist and owner of a medical lab in Chaguanas. When she began writing she was working at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Medford said: "With all the recent issues about the Beetham Landfill in the media, people should know that landfill also affects the Caroni swamp. Now people are being aware of the effect on the environment."

She said: " I wanted to raise awareness about the negative impacts of the Beetham Landfill on the swamp and the ecosystems of the swamp. Why she wrote a children's book?

Medford said: " I love children. I think we should educate them and get them interested in the environment."

The book, a mixture of fantasy and fiction is the beginning of a trilogy and also contains a glossary. It is written in conversational style and it somewhat resembles a local slant to American animated series Captain Planet, Medford says she hopes the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and other relevant authorities encourage the book amongst children.

The cost is $70 and can be purchased from the author. Anyone wanting further information can email Medford at or call 682-2417.