Friday, February 23, 2018

No visa for Santana


SHAMELESS: The immigration officer looks on in disbelief as Santana drinks an alcoholic beverage in front of him during the interview.

Donstan Bonn

The latest instalment of the misadventures of Santana the Puppet and his band of miscreant friends produced by Lexo TV is proving to be as topical as it is humorous. The new film short titled, Embassy Madness now available on YouTube has already garnered over 100,000 views and while it has viewers bent over with laughter the video has also been generating quite a lot of comments from people expressing how well it depicts their own personal experiences when seeking to obtain a visa to travel to any of the countries requiring such.

The story line of Embassy Madness written and directed by Roger Alexis sees Miss Millie (Gyasi Gonzales) facing an immigration officer as she interviews for a visa in order to go and visit her, “grandchile in Brooklyn”. The officer (Peter Anders Lauten) asks Miss Millie several ludicrous questions in quick succession all of which she answers without hesitation, but is still denied. Miss Millie launches into a tirade in which she threatens the officer with obeah and also demands back the money she paid to secure the interview.

Santana (Roger Alexis) is up next and he brings with him his own passport as well as that of his friend, Narine and three others. Santana tells the immigration officer that he and his friends want to go on a boat ride party in Nebraska (Check out the geography of that state and you will get the humour). He too is denied as are the other characters who show up for interviews, all except a rather strange man (Prince Bhajman) who makes it clear that he adores the Taliban.

As hilarious as Embassy Madness is what really makes this film short interesting is that people are commenting that beyond the comedy and laughter, the film reflects the frustration when trying to secure a visa.

Take a look at Embassy Madness on YouTube at and join the discussion. Also look out for more new videos from Lexo TV including the new, Poor Narine, which was filmed on location in St Lucia.