Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Opening up minds through giving


MEMORABLE: Mtd Multitalented performs his football act.

Donstan Bonn

Covered books and sharpened pencils are basic essentials for the first day of school that many can’t afford, Feli Risbrooke delivered, a tactical approach of merging arts and charity to aid this dilemma. A large container filled with stationery supplies was collected including copybooks, storybooks and notebooks, through the ‘Open Up’ children’s stationery and books charity drive. This initiative brought smiles to children faces and relief to some parents.

Risbrooke is the host and organiser of the show ‘Open Up’ which is a monthly forum where artists of all genres can express themselves. However in a recent show at the Digicel Imax Theatre, the show’s main purpose was a charity drive, where back-to-school supplies were the entrance fees. The genesis of the initiative was stimulated by the work of a friend. “The show,” she said, “was inspired by my friend Amanda Thomas who is actively involved in many charities especially those for children.” 

Prior to this event her health was in jeopardy but friends and ‘Open Up’ cohorts offered their assistance. “The show must go,” she emphasised,  and like true soldiers— Nerukhi Ato Osei, Michael Foye, and Nickie Vasquez—fell into action. Among the artistes performing were, Michael Foye, Bunny Bynoe, Errol Bailey, Gifted Princess, Solanghe Smith, and Michael Nedd. 

The performances featured R&B, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, and calypso. There was also poetry by Colin Dickson and  a young man known as Mtd Multitalented delivered a football raising freestyle act. 

Risbrooke described the evening as truly gratifying saying, “It was a memorable evening. The tremendous artistic talent was applauded and cheered throughout the show. The show was a great success fulfilling its purpose by the many stationery items received and delivered to less fortunate families.”