Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our Special Children

Lady Hochoy Home's Christmas Concert


Donstan Bonn


Donstan Bonn


Children of the Lady Hochoy Home South put on a memorable performance. Photo by Dave Persad

Dave Persad


Donstan Bonn


Donstan Bonn


Donstan Bonn

MORE than 100 differently-abled persons participated in a grand concert at their institution the Lady Hochoy Centre South on Thursday.

The four hour long concert featured 12 items which included singing and dancing and a drama production called " The Dedication."

Sister Sarah Waterman said the concert was a success.

She said because the concert was held during " Disability Awareness Week," the school wanted to bring awareness about differently abled persons.

A large screen projector was placed in the carpark so the public could view the concert.

The concert was dedicated to retiring principal Sister Antoinette Fahay.

One person who attended said, " It was a treat to witness the talent that the children of the school displayed. They brought joy to my heart . They really brought Christmas cheer."

During the week members of the public are invited to the centre to view pupil's works and photographs and to receive information brochures " to dispel some of the myths about those with disabilities."

This year's theme for "Disability Awareness Week," is "Removing Barriers to Create an Inclusive and Accessible Society for all."