Monday, February 19, 2018

Over 230 species of birds in Tobago


A view of Pigeon Peak from Charlotteville.

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Tobago's hilly landscape and idyllic beaches have always been an attraction to visitors. From 1580 to 1814 the island changed hands 33 times between Courland, Spain, France, Dutch, Sweden and England. In 1889 Tobago became united with Trinidad and the economy of the island at the time depended on the agriculture of sugar-cane and cocoa, which led to the construction of many forest trails around the island. Some of these forest trails still exist giving rise to the increasing significance of eco-tourism.There are over 230 species of birds some 25 of which are indigenous only to the island making it one of the best places to view birds in the Caribbean.

On Saturday there will be a hike to Twin Rivers waterfall at 7 a.m. The Twin Rivers waterfall is located in Goldsborough with its source coming from the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve. It is a tributary of The Great River and the name Twin Rivers came about because at the base of the falls the river joins another large tributary. Hiking time upstream along the stony river bed will take 40 minutes to reach the falls where there is a large pool for swimming. Getting to the top of the falls is challenging but a variety of cascading waterfalls and pools can be discovered in this seemingly unexplored land..

On that day there will be another hike from Speyside to Pirates Bay. This is a one-way hike from Speyside Lookout to Tobago's highest point Pigeon Peak (550 metres or 1,804 feet) then a steep descend to Flag Staff Hill and Pirates Bay. Estimated hiking time to Pirates Bay is two and a half hours. There is also a shorter hike from Flagstaff Hill to Pirates Bay for those preferring an easier route. This hiking time is 35 minutes downhill .

Assembly for these hikes are at Esplanade Milford Road, Scarborough.

On Saturday the hikers take to Big Bay and Little Bay Tobago. Cotton Bay sometimes called Big Bay and Little Bay by villagers is a hidden gem located on the northern side of the island just below the village of Moriah. No roads have been constructed on the mountainous landscape that overlooks the bays and getting there is only accessible by hiking or by boat. The hike to the bays starts at Culloden and will takeabout an hour through a muddy cow trail. It seems like "heaven on earth" the sandy beach is half mile long and the cool, calm, crystal clear waters is very relaxing. To the right of the bay there is a small reef attracting a variety of marine fish and it is mind blowing to see large manta rays swim harmlessly alongside you. Hiking time is one hour one-way. 

Assembly again is from 7 a.m. at Esplanade on Milford Road Scarborough.

Island Hikers upcoming events in Trinidad include a hike from Scotland Bay to L'anse Power Bay on September 25. Participants will take a boat ride to Scotland Bay and a short hike around the coast to L'anse Power Bay. Assembly will be from 7 a.m. at KFC Carpark, Westmall.

For further details call Mario 749-2956 or visit