Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Past Pupils Give Back to St Benedicts College

...all the way from Canada

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Daniel Guerrero, past pupil of St. Benedict’s College in La Romaine – an Open Scholarship Science winner checks out a new laptop donated by the Toronto Chapter ( the school’s alumni group). Other persons in the photo from left are vice-principal Sharon Francois, principal Earle Alcide, , Adrian Chandler and Desmond Clifford, the two past pupils who presented the laptops.

Donstan Bonn

PROUD of their alma mater, past pupils of St.Benedict's College in La Romaine continues to support the college.

Last November, the Toronto Chapter based in Toronto, Canada of the St. Benedict’s Past Students Association donated 10 laptop computers to the college.

The purpose was to support Principal Earle Alcide’s efforts to build on the school’s success in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) said Lloyd Chandler, treasurer of the group.

Two students were awarded National Scholarships for the 2012 CAPE Examinations. Daniel Guerero, Open Scholarship - Science and Matthew Rahamut Additional Scholarship- Environmental Science.

Matthew Rahamut also captured the award for the Most Outstanding Candidate in Environmental Science (CAPE) in the Caribbean. The laptops will be used in the upgrading of the Sixth Form Computer Lab, facilitating the introduction of additional subjects such as Geometrical and Mechanical Engineering, Drawing and Digital Media for CAPE Chandler said.

The Toronto Chapter hosts an annual brunch during spring and summer time in Canada. Funds raised are contributed to the college and other community needs.Chandler said St. Benedict’s College in its initial stages as a school was largely funded through bazaars and other community events.

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