Saturday, February 24, 2018

Perfect ponche de creme

Turn simple ingredients into a special Christmas treat


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home-made: The finished ponche de crème, bottled and ready to serve.

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Recently, the Express began the first in a series of features on traditional Christmas drinks, with sorrel taking the spotlight. While sorrel has effortlessly found itself at the top of the list of favourite drinks for Christmas, there are others that also enjoy their fair share of prominence in many a T&T household.

When it comes to Christmas drinks, this particular drink has experienced a love-hate relationship among some people. For some, the freshness of the eggs is a major turn-off, for others, if it's not rummy, it cannot be enjoyed. There are those who like it thick and creamy, and there are others who prefer it thin. Others, however, must have theirs prepared weeks in advance before they can enjoy a cold glass on the rocks—if you're thinking ponche de crème, then it must be on the top of your Christmas drinks list.

While the preparation process comes easy to some people, others swear theirs just never turns out right, which is why the traditional drink has the reputation as a difficult blend to prepare on the list of Christmas must-haves. Sometimes described as the Trini version of Baileys (Irish Cream), ponche de crème is not a difficult concoction of ingredients—just eggs, rum (puncheon), milk and spices.

This season, there's no need to opt for the ready-made versions of ponche de crème on the grocery shelves because Mary Jones, who has been making ponche de crème and other special Christmas treats for her special customers for over 20 years, has provided the Express with her special version of the Christmas drink.


de crème

Follow these instructions

carefully for your special blend

of ponche de crème.

—recipe courtesy Mary Jones