Thursday, December 14, 2017

Piarco Rotarians cook with KICKS


FISH DELIGHT: The “Azurri Shrimp”. —Photos: WAYNE BOWMAN

Mark Fraser

 The Rotary Club of Piarco last weekend held it annual cookout and dance at the St Augustine Tennis Club. The theme this year revolved around the FIFA World Cup with the foods named after football teams and sport terminology. Some of the folks serving the dishes were dressed in the colours of popular football teams while former club president Dave Maharaj greeted patrons donned in a referee’s outfit. 

As for the food there was not as wide an assortment of dishes as other popular charity cookouts, but what was available appeared to be quite tasty judging from the reaction of patrons. The dishes that did stand out included the spicy “Azurri Shrimp”. Then there was the well seasoned, “Iniesta Lambiesta,” a baked lamb dish.

There was a “Red Card Pork” that was very popular with those patrons who ate pork. This too had a bit of a spicy kick, we were told. For the vegetarians and veggie lovers there was a really nicely presented “Mixed Veggies” dish that featured broccholi, carrots, bat wings, mushrooms and more. Then there was the “Soya Soccer Balls” that had folks shouting, “Goallllllllllllll.”