Saturday, February 24, 2018

Playing mask


Mark Fraser

Many clients enquire as to whether they can protect their skin during their Monday and Tuesday masquerade. They often request advice or suggestions as to how best to safeguard their skin from the effects of the season and the environment, other than the use of SPF protection, hand sanitisers and wipes to assist in the absorbtion of perspiration and the removal of bacteria. After all, as the saying goes “yuh cyah play mas and fraid powder!” Well, I oftentimes provide simple “tricks and techniques” that I employ while “on de road”. I titled this particular trick “masker-rid” as it helps to rid and shield your skin from the many impurities that lend themselves to the season. In the same way that many of us women leave remnants of steams and conditioners in our hair, the same can be done with purifying or clarifying masks.

Purifying and/or clarifying masks will assist in shielding the skin from the impurities and help maintain clear pores. This trick is especially for those struggling with skin conditions such as acne, mild to moderate breakouts, enlarged pores or oily skin. It is quite simple to do…Here’s how:

1. Cleanse the skin using a cleanser for your skin type, preferably a gel cleanser, but not a cream cleanser and remove using lukewarm water and cleansing sponges. Please do not rinse off, as rinsing does not clean the skin’s surface.

2. Place a sufficient amount of clarifying or purifying lotion, (not a is lighter and contains less alcohol), on cotton ball and wipe face thoroughly and allow for drying naturally. (Check the dirt and grime on the cotton after doing such). The lotion helps to remove the dirt and grime that the cleanser did not.

3. Place a small amount of clarifying or purifying mask on two fingers (they usually contain clay, zinc oxide and menthol and may vary in colour from white to light grey and should give a slight tingle when applied to face) and spread evenly over the face. Leave to dry for no less than 25 minutes.

4. Wet hands and rub off mask gently then wash off hands from mask, and repeat about three times. Do not rinse off! After the third wet hand rub, there should be a sufficient amount of mask left on the face, but your face ought not to be extremely white but must have traces of mask left.

5. Using a hand towel, pat the face but do not wipe the face dry. You may now proceed to apply your purifying or clarifying moisturiser and make-up for your parade ‘on de road’.

Ngozi Liverpool is a professionally certified aesthetician specialising in problematic skin conditions. She can be contacted at 476-0470 or for serious enquiries or appointments only.