Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Revelling with the 'Sultans'



Mark Fraser

Celebrating band’s 15th anniversary in fine style, Trini Revellers draws upon the rich history of the Ottoman Turks to showcase its 2014 presentation, The Sultan’s Palace — the Seraglio.

The band is no stranger to winning having had much success over the years. The most recent was its 2012 presentation, Carnival: The Golden Years, which copped the Downtown Band of the Year (large).

The band also won the same title for The Arabian Nights (2004), Conquest of the Indies (2005) and Rome: The Empire (2006). After that period, they placed second on seven occasions in the Large Band category.

This year Trini Revellers’ presentation, The Sultan’s Palace — the Seraglio, will be portrayed as a colourful Middle Eastern band. Drawing inspiration from the imperial harems during the 16th and 17th centuries, the band aims to capture the geography, history and culture of that era. 

The band has 11 sections, which are as follows: Kadinlar Sultanati, The Hasekis, Sultanas, Janissaries, The Kadins, The Visiers, Kizlar Agha, Sultans Murad III, Suleyman the Magnificent, Mustafa and Selim. 

Public relations officer for the band Enrico Rajah said, “Some of the sections are almost sold out, particularly the frontline sections. But there are a number of beautiful sections, almost ready to close off such as Harem, The Ikbals, Inside the Seraglio, the Kadins, Slave Concubines, among others.”

He said, “We have, with a limited degree of success, tried to maintain the creativity, research and presentations that have been the hallmark of past bandleaders. Our presentations have been historical, geographical, cultural and all with a message to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.”

“In addition, our motto is ‘nice music; nice people’,” he added.

As a teacher by profession, Rajah understands and respects the art of learning. The desire for knowledge; to spread that knowledge to educate the people of Trinidad and Tobago about the cultures of other countries is one of his passions.

He said, “The television becomes my classroom and the nation becomes my pupils with a desire to know what the presentation is all about. 

“My most memorable moments would be the production and presentation of Rome: the Empire and La Revolution Française. Both bands required extensive research and presenting them was one of the most challenging things I have ever had to do on television and to visiting groups to the mas camp,” Rajah said.

Providing masqueraders with quality costumes and a great experience is of utmost importance, he said, adding, “I would like to win Band of the Year, but that decision lies with the judges.”

Registration continues at the mas camp, 35 Gallus Street, Woodbrook, from 1 p.m. -9 p.m. - Monday to Sunday

For more information call 625 -1881.