Friday, February 23, 2018

Rock the red, white & black

Show off your national pride in these stylish, patriotic looks


Mandisa Quamina has on a red and white jersey skirt, with side zippers and a black top with black high heels from Flirt clothing store.

Mark Fraser


Quamina has on black shorts, a black and white blazer over a red tee and red boots.

Mark Fraser


Chelsea Smart has on a red, high-waisted pants, black jacket, with black and gold shoes.

Mark Fraser


Wearing black tights and a black and white corset, this model finishes off her Independence Day look with big, bright red earrings.

Mark Fraser

As Independence Day draws near, it is customary to see people show their national pride by wearing red, white or black, or a combination of all three.

And after the successful showing of our athletes at the recently concluded London 2012 Olympic Games, there were many Trinidadians and Tobagonians who felt they could not help but hold their heads a little higher and sing the groovy hit “I’m a Trini”, made popular by soca artiste Rodney “Benjai” Le Blanc last year that has become, some would say, a sort of anthem for us.

From clothing to shoes, handbags and other accessories, many found creative ways to incorporate our national colours into their ensemble.

Visiting some of the popular clothing stores in downtown Port of Spain, the Express spoke to some of the managers of these stores who showed ways in which you can incorporate our national colours into your apparel and make it fashionable for almost every occasion.

Seesha Sookhai, one of the store managers of Flirt clothing store, said, “For customers, what is popular right now are shorts, leggings, dresses and bits of sheer material. I think ever since the Olympics, people have been in a celebratory mood, wanting to show their national pride.”

According to Sookhai, though red, white and black are in very high demand right now and would become more so by Independence Day, she says the colour gold is also gaining in popularity as the nation gets ready to celebrate its golden anniversary.

Echoing similar sentiments, manager of Eastern Avenue Celebrity Store Lynette Isles said, “Red, white and black is the theme from now until Independence Day, but gold has also been a popular request by customers.”

Sharing her thoughts on the country’s upcoming 50th Independence Day anniversary, Isles said, “I believe we have achieved a lot as a nation. I felt happy and proud to see what our athletes did at the Olympics, particularly Keshorn Walcott, who brought home gold in time for our golden anniversary. I hope this is a sign of change and better things to come for Trinidad and Tobago.”