Friday, February 23, 2018

Roget's Solution for Stress

lauren and friends at front of shop

Donstan Bonn

STRESS can ruin you mentally and physically.

Which is why people need to find the time to care for their bodies.

This is the advice of Lauren Roget who recently opened a hair and body clinic. Roget has a first degree in Business Management which she teaches privately, and is also a Human Resource professional.

Her business, Aesthetics and Body Care, is located at 130 Pointe-a-Pierre Road in San Fernando and offers a wide variety of hair, nail and body treatments.

Clients can get a Brazilian wax, aromatherapy and anti aging facials.

Roget said, " I believe that a person both male and female should take pride in taking care of themselves. It is not a one-off thing. Your hair, nails, face and body should be constantly treated. We as humans undergo a lot of stress, routine stress because of work, of family life, and school work and it affects the body."

She said the services offered at the clinic is "to alleviate and assist in any thing that comes up against your body."

All persons accessing the clinic's services can access Wi-Fi internet

services, cable television, tea, coffee or a cold beverage while waiting

to be attended to.

Meals and drinks are included in certain spa packages.Roget said customers can also request to be members.

As part of the business promotion, members can also recommend

customers to Roget's Aesthetics and Body Care. As long as persons recommend 20 persons or more who visited the clinic and pay for services, that member will be entitled to a day either at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Port-of-Spain or the Cruise Inn Hotel and Yachting Centre in Chaguaramas.

There are also gift cards and opening discount packages available.

The business can be contacted at 468-3266 or 221-9728.