Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sachin taps to the top


SAVOURING VICTORY: Sachin Beepath enjoys his victory.

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Sachin Beepath, who is of Trinidadian parentage resident in Canada, competed last December in the World Tap Dance Championships in Riesa, Germany.

He won the gold medal and the title of 2012 World Tap Dance Champion, Junior Male. He performed to the song, "I Feel Good" by Bobby McFerrin. In 2011, Sachin competed for the first time in the IDO World Tap Dance Championships and won the Silver medal.

Sachin was joined in the competition by his twin sister, Ariana, and were both members of the Senior Canadian National Tap Team which placed seventh in the Formation. Sachin and Ariana also competed in the duet category.

The IDO World Tap Dance Championships were held from December 3 to 8, 2012. The International Dance Organisation is a world federation with a membership of over 90 nations, representing more than 250,000 dancers, from six continents.

Sachin was a double silver medallist at the 2011 World Tap Dance†Championships in Germany. He now carries the title of Junior World Tap Dance Champion in the male solo category.

Sachin and Ariana attend the Durham Dance Centre, where they are trained by Tammy Roberts. They also attend The Tap Centre, where they are members of the Bringing Tap Back Company, led by Everett Smith.

Everett is also the coach of the Canadian National Team and was a fourth-place finalist of the second season of So You Think You Can Dance, Canada. They are Grade 10 honour roll students attending Pickering High School. They also possess black belts in taekwondo.

Sachin and Ariana are the children of Paras Beepath, formerly of Mahadeo Trace, Debe, and Indira Ramphal, formerly of Mohess Road, Penal.

Career Highlights:

Double silver medallist as a member of the Canadian National Tap Team at the 2011 International Dance Organisation World Tap Dance Championship in Riesa, Germany.

He won silver for his Solo in the Junior Male Dancer Championship and Silver for the Junior Team Formation Championships.

He has been selected again for the 2012 Canadian National Tap Dance Team.

Other Highlights include:

2012óTeen Male Dancer of the Year at American Dance Awards, Buffalo, USA.,

Competed at the American Dance Awards National Finals, Ft.Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Teen Male Dancer of the Year at the Candance Dance Competition, Brockville,Ontario

Competed at the Candance Dance Competition, National Finals, Orlando, Florida, USA.

2011óCompeted at the American Dance Awards National Finals, Boston,USA.

2010óWon ADA Junior Male Dancer, Buffalo, NY, USA.

3rd Runner up at ADA National Finals, Orlando, Fla. USA

Won Canadian Dance Masters of America Junior Male Dancer, Hamilton, Ontario.

3rd Runner up at Dance Masters of America, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

2009óWon ADA Junior Male Dancer, Buffalo, NY, USA.

Competed at ADA National Finals, Hollywood, Fla. USA.