Wednesday, February 21, 2018

San Fernando West Heritage Display Impresses


As party of the Education Ministry's 50th anniversary celebrations, the San Fernando West Secondary School this week put on its Heritage Village display. As part of the project, pupils represented various peoples who came to Trinidad and Tobago. From left Jade Witlshire (Amerindian) Shawnda Deosaran (Spanish) Whitney Hartman (French), Telesha Gonzales (British) Kherdjah Redhead (African) Sadie Archibald (Chinese) Chelsea-Ann Lochan (Indian) Michelle Ramsundar (Syrian and Shivon Ragoonanan (Syrian). - Photo by Dexter Philip.

Dexter Philip


Pupils of the San Fernando West Secondary School at Farah Street, San Fernando.

Dexter Philip


Dressed in traditional African garb, Pupil Kherdjah Redhead with Junior Mitchell with the Arts and Multiculturalism Ministry (centre) and Vickram Ramlal, personal assistant to the Minister of National Diversity and Social Integration.

Dexter Philip

THE San Fernando West Secondary School at Farah Street San

Fernando this week put on an impressive display in celebration of the

nation's 50th Independence Anniversary.

The Heritage Village display, set up in the Heads of Department Room recognised the contributions of all major groups who have had an input and influence in shaping the society that is Trinidad and Tobago, school acting principal Ronny Kawal said.

"The various groups have contributed immensely from their rich heritage and diversity to create what is described as a rainbow

country where we live as one" he said.

Kawal said "Ours is a culture of peace, love, tolerance and togetherness, a culture that is a shining example to the world, of harmony and diversity".

The school, known by many as "Ole Tec" has recognised this

year's celebrations in several ways, with its Emancipation Day programme, and a special 50th anniversary talent show

which highlighted pupils, and their skillful use of the steelpan,

African drums, and tassa.

Kawal said that in the classrooms, posters are displayed of persons who have made significant contributions to the country in the area of culture, sports, politics, trade unions education and science.

These posters will form part of the Victoria Education District

parade celebrations next term.