Thursday, February 22, 2018

Santana heads to South


BEING INERVIEWED: Santana, Pastor Stewart, Narine and their creator, Roger Alexis on set for a television interview in Guyana.

Donstan Bonn


TAKING A DONKEY CART RIDE: Santana, Narine and Pastor Stewart enjoy a donkey cart ride in Georgetown.

Donstan Bonn

Santana the Puppet and his band of merry misfits have just returned from a very successful visit to Guyana where they performed at the “Kiss My Art Festival,” an annual event that showcases that country’s visual and performing arts. The festival took place on July 27 and attracted people from throughout Guyana to the Promenade Gardens in Georgetown.


The “Kiss My Art Festival” this year saw dozens of very talented young people exhibiting their creations alongside several of Guyana’s most respected established artists and artisans. The visual arts displays featured photography, paintings, video productions, textiles, jewelry, pottery, sculpture and more.


As for the performing arts, the Lexo TV team was the festival’s headline act this year, featuring life-size versions of Santana, Narine and Pastor Stewart engaged in a three-way stand-up comedy session that had the audience in stitches and calling for more at the end.


Founder of Lexo TV, Roger Alexis said he was surprised to discover that the short films he produces and uploads on YouTube are very popular in Guyana and that Santana and the other puppets have so many fans there. The fan base in Guyana is quite diverse, from children to senior citizens following the shorts and wanting to meet the puppets.


While in Guyana the Lexo TV team took two days to explore Georgetown and shoot footage for an upcoming short that will see Santana, Narine, Pastor Stewart and other characters on an adventure in Guyana that is in production.