Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Schools show fancy footwork


Winners: Belmont Girls and Boys RC Primary School during their line dance performance at the third annual Primary School Latin, Ballroom and Line Dance competition. —Photos: Ishmael Salandy

Mark Fraser

Defending champions, La Puerta Government Primary School had to settle for second place as the boys and girls from Belmont RC Primary School copped the winning spot at the annual Primary School Latin, Ballroom and Line Dance competition yesterday.

Screams of delight could be heard throughout Jean Pierre Indoor Complex, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain as the winners of the respective categories were announced.

In the Line Dance category, Belmont RC Primary gave an energetic performance that comprised various dance combinations. Despite having some problems with their music, they managed to finish strong and got the approval of the judges.

La Puerta Government Primary also had a strong performance and experienced problems with their music as well but just could not beat their closest rivals, Belmont RC Primary and had to settle for second place.

Apparently it was Belmont RC Primary’s day to shine as they got first place in the Cha Cha category and took first and third place spots in the Ballroom category. 

The competition is in its third year and was presented by Nostalgia Promotions. 

Participating schools include: Bethlehem Girls and Boys RC School, Belmont Girls and Boys RC Primary School, Diamond Vale Government School, Excel Composite Primary School, Gloster Lodge Moravian Primary School, La Puerta Government Primary School, St Dominic RC Primary School, Rosary Girls and Boys RC School and Success RC Primary School.

The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Sport, North West Regional Health Authority, Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism and the Diego Martin Regional Corporation.