Thursday, January 18, 2018

Show your inner


Owners of Rebel Entourage from left, Jabari Muhammad, Leon-Omari Lavia, Aaron Franklyn and Hakeem Williams. —Photos: Ishmael Salandy

Mark Fraser

Bonded by the bands of friendship and an inherent need to show people that it is okay to be different, Rebel Entourage was born. An online clothing store that really embraces the importance of individuality and fashion, Rebel Entourage also infuses the creativity and talent of local up-and-coming designers to make interesting articles of clothing.

Modern, unique and edgy best describes the brand, owned by Hakeem Williams, Leon-Omari Lavia, Aaron Franklyn, Jabari Muhammad and Justin Seheult. The clothes are designed by Williams, Gyasi Nkrumah, Alexander Morle and Thema Williams.

Lavia said, “We did not just wanted to make clothes but something that could display all of our own unique styles. For people who did not want to follow the norm and craved to do something different, we felt that our line of clothing could be something relatable to the public.”

From tank tops, T-shirts and vests, the company uses articles of clothing like a signage board to display a wide array of messages.

Muhammad said, “We use to throw parties and use T-shirts we created as way to promote the event. We moved away from that aspect a bit to showcase the level of creativity of local emerging designers.”

He noted that the company’s demographic leaned more towards 18-24 males and females but did not exclude other demographics.

Lavia said, “Just like we have brands like Nike and Adidas, I want our brand Rebel Entourage to be recognised. Nike and Adidas are associated with America and we want the people of Trinidad and Tobago to have their own brand.”

Williams said, “Rebel Entourage has been in existence for the past four years. Apart from the fashion aspect and being an individual, we felt that we needed to make a positive contribution in society.”

“We really trying to reach out to the youths with our brand and show them that they don’t have to follow the stereotype life; where they have to go to school; come out of school and get a job and work for someone until you get enough and retire. We want to show them that it is okay to go after you dreams. Once you believe it and go after it; you can achieve it,” said, Aaron Franklyn.

Williams said, “One of our main goals is to become a brand that is synonymous with Trinidad and Tobago. Another major goal for us is to become a voice for young people not just for Trinidad and Tobago but globally.”

Lavia noted that through their line of clothing they hope to show young people that it is ok to be different. You do not have the follow the norm but you can forge your own path in life, he said.

“Apart from tank tops and T-shirts we plan to branch out and expand our line to include: caps, shorts, jackets, socks for males and females and children too,” Muhammed said.

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