Friday, February 23, 2018

Carnival? So be it!


Phases of the Moon, another section from their 2014 presentation.

Mark Fraser


A model shows off the section, Sunrise.

Mark Fraser

“I  don’t mind being different; in fact I aspire to be different,” said Maurice Chevalier, founder and leader of the band, So.Be.It. Though relatively new to the Carnival scene, Chevalier is confident that his style and creativity in costume design can definitely appeal to the masses.

Just three years in existence, this year’s presentation is titled, Sky and Light. Costume sections include Twilight; Clouds; Nebula; Light; Angels and Stars.

He said, “I don’t do feathers and beads, I think there is a proliferation of that on the streets already. I believe it is time for us as designers to go back and start creating mas from our thoughts. I find that the beads and feathers take away from the creativity a bit. There is a time and a place for everything and more emphasis should be placed back on design.”

The band first came out in 2012 with a presentation, So.Be.It which means.... Something overwhelming becomes evident in time. They sought to show the world that they were not just another Carnival band but a Carnival band with a difference.

Chevalier said, “Each year we do a presentation relevant to something. Our first presentation looked at us as a people coming from seven continents striving to live in harmony with everything around us. Last year our presentation, Aqua 70/30 placed third in the Medium Band category. It looked at man who is made up of 70 per cent water and 30 per cent tissue. We also looked at the earth which is also 70 per cent water and 30 per cent matter.”

“This year, Sky and Light explores another aspect of the elemental world — the world of the heavens. The inspiration for this came to me one day when I was reading an article about the different phases that happen in the sky. The writer noted that most people don’t even pay attention it. The way the sky changes and the beauty of it; is often taken for granted. I wanted to capture the transitioning of the day from twilight; to the bright of day and back to sunset,” he added.

Chevalier noted even the phases of the moon, rainbow or comet; he believes has infinite beauty that has not yet been fully realised.

He said, “Robert Frederick is one of the people on my design team that is really good at translating thoughts to a prototype of a three-dimensional costume. We cater for all kinds of masqueraders. Those who like to be very sexy; in-between or the mature individual; we do it all.”

“You can do wonderful designs that are sexy without it just being feathers and beads, there ought to be another way,” Chevalier said.

When it comes to his chances of winning, Band of the Year in the Medium category, he remained optimistic.

Highlighting the multiple winnings achieved by mas veteran, Brian MacFarlane, Chevalier said, “After seeing several bands cross the stage in beads and bikinis, it gets monotonous. Even people at home get fed up of watching since it seems like the same thing over and over again. Why do you think MacFarlane runs away with the title? His work stands out. If I were fortunate to have the numbers that he has I believe I would have the same good fortune too.”

The band’s mas camp is located at #10 Dennis Mahabir Street, Woodbrook. 

For further information visit the SKY & LIGHT website at