Friday, February 23, 2018

Sobeit dives into Aqua


LEADERS: Sobeit band leaders and designers from left, Gerard Perry, Maurice Chevalier, Kadaffi Romney, Rubadiri Victor, Michael Lee Poy and Kirk Langton. —Photos: VERDEL BISHOP

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The title of this section is, "Oceans".

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The most recent Carnival mas band to launch their 2013 presentation, Sobeit (Something Overwhelming Becomes Evident In Time), is set to present 20 sections of their Aqua 70/30 come Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

The band launched 15 sections from Aqua 70/30, on Monday, at its mas camp located at Dennis Mahabir Street, Woodbrook. 

Aqua 70/30 examines the eternal equation 70/30 of water to matter — 70 percent of the human body is water, 70 percent of planet earth's surface is water. Sobeit explores the mystery of water and its role in man's life through the eternal equation —  flesh to water, land to ocean, matter to spirit and material to divine.

Following their debut on the Carnival scene in 2012, Sobeit is focused on maintaining its presence on the Carnival landscape. According to band creative director, Kirk Langton, the band's concept, designing not just costumes but a memorable experience for the masquerader. Their aim is to create a paradigm shift with the masquerader's Carnival experience in mind.

"We are looking to change the mas. Each year while young new masqueraders come in and they are drawn in the usual concept  which mas has become over the years, at the same time

there are people who want a little bit more than that. So this is why we want to go back to the concept of good designs and comfortable costumes; not cumbersome. We need to get back to the elements of good design," Langton said.

"A design should not make the designer or the decorator a star; it's for masquerades to play mas and enjoy themselves," he added.

The 20 sections are inspired by various creatures and elements of water in an array of colours.

Masqueraders have a choice of playing in sections including, "Water Nymph", "Manta", "Sword Fish", "Clown Fish", "Fire Coral", "Droplet", "Oceans", "Tsunami", "Turbulence", "Sea Fan", "Lion Fish", "Koi", "Shore Line", "Red Sea" and "Nylon Pool".

The band will offer masqueraders freedom come Carnival Monday and Tuesday in every sense of the word.

Langton said masqueraders will not be forced to stick in their section which is the norm among bands.

And much the same way that fish mingle on a coral bed, Aqua 70/30 masqueraders will be expected to mingle.

"As far as we are concerned masqueraders can intermingle. You will never be told to get in your section.

The band reflects the creatures in the ocean and just as it exists in the ocean there is no segregation. You can lime with your friends from another section and feel free to mingle," Langton said.

The band's designers are made up of a breakaway Macfarlane team including, Maurice Chevalier the Robert Frederick; Michael Lee Poy, Jhawan Thomas, Kirk Langton; international playwright Thorma Crawford, James Hackett, Darren Chee-Wah and Rubadiri Victor.