Friday, February 23, 2018

Spreading The Word

how a chance meeting led to something great

IN 1986, Pastor Harvey Agimudie wanted to make a positive impact in the not so famous communities of Guaracara and Tabaquite.

While driving through Guaracara with his family, he stopped at the house of a widow, Mary Joseph, whom he never met before, and asked her if he could have a prayer meeting at her home.

She agreed, invited a few people, borrowed some benches from her neighbours, and on November 6, the Agape Love Chapel held its first service. It was a prayer meeting on Joseph's porch.

Agape is Greek for "god's love".

Agimudie said," Agape Love Chapel was borne out of a desire to reach people with the love of God in a very real and tangible way."

The church hosted a week of services as part of their 26th anniversary as a church recently. Pastor Dave Henderson from Pennsylvania USA was the scheduled speaker for the services.

During those 26 years, the church obtained its own building outfitted with the latest technology.

Agimudie was a youth pastor at the Pointe-a-Pierre New Testament Church of God before he formed Agape Love Chapel at the age of 26.

Agimudie is married to Glenda Agimudie and has two children, Luke and Gina. The family lives at Point-a-Pierre.

He said even though his challenges as pastor of the church was the distance, he enjoyed pastoring the church and has no regrets.

Agimudie's desire for his church members and the community is to see "an explosion of Godís unfailing love in the communities of Guaracara and Tabaquite and that the members of our assembly would lead the charge in demonstrating his love unconditional to all."