Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tabanca good for Garlin


Serious TABANCA: Bunji Garlin’s new release, “Carnival Tabanca” is doing very well beyond these shores. —Photo courtesy Bunji Garlin

Mark Fraser


Hip-hop ambassador: Canadian hip-hop artiste/producer Khardinal Offishall has recorded a song titled, “Famous” alongside Bunji Garlin.

Mark Fraser

A   tabanca is not an easy thing to deal with. You can’t sleep or eat and some people even get fever and headache to add to the heartache. Everywhere you turn you seem to see the lost loved and every perfume or cologne is the one they wear. It is hard, real hard.

Bunji Garlin is these days enjoying his recent experience with a love gone lost and while others would be shedding tears over such a situation he has a broad smile thinking of all the wonderful things his tabanca will be bringing his way. 

The four-time International Power Soca Monarch last week released a song titled, “Carnival Tabanca,” which is receiving rave reviews from Wallerfield to West Africa on Youtube, Twitter, Vine and Facebook. Like his runaway hit of Carnival 2013, “Differntology” this song is already crossing over beyond soca lines and attracting attention beyond the Caribbean diaspora.

The mid-tempo song sees Garlin drawing from an experience he had shortly after Carnival when he suddenly fell ill during a performance in Tobago. Right there on stage he began to feel feverish and by the time he had finished the performance he could hardly walk and he was roasting with fever. Near a coma, Garlin’s doctor warned his wife, Fay Ann Lyons to not allow him to drop asleep until medicines could be administered. 

After several days Garlin was back on stage having beat what was a horrible virus. The care and good food of his wife as well as the attention of his doctor had nursed him back to health. At the time it was a frightening experience, but now he can laugh over it and include it in “Carnival Tabanca,” in which he sings, “As soon as Carnival done this year well I just start ketching fever.” Garlin also sings that every time he hears a siren he loses himself thinking that it is a police escort coming to escort him to a performance.

The song was produced by Sherriff Thompson of Black Ice Studios who also worked with Garlin on “Differentology.” Garlin said that like that song they just felt a vibe and did it, releasing it expecting that people will like it, but not expecting the response they have been getting. One of the elements in the song that attracts the ear is the very subtle use of a drop line from the classic, “Curry Tabanca” recorded by the Mighty Trini.

Another recent release from Garlin that is also doing quite well internationally is “Famous” with Canadian hip-hop artiste/producer, Khardinal Offishall. The song is quickly growing in popularity in Canada, Atlanta, Washington DC and of course New York. 

Often credited as Canada’s “hip hop ambassador” Offishall is considered one of that country’s best hip-hop producers, and is best known for his distinctive reggae and dancehall-influenced style of hip-hop. Offishall began his career in the city’s mid-1990s underground hip-hop scene, as a member of a group known as The Circle. He released several independent 12” singles, a debut album, Eye & I and an EP titled Husslin’, before signing with major label MCA Records in 2000. 

As for Garlin he continues to work in studio and will continue to release new music in the coming weeks aimed at reaching out to listeners beyond the realm of Carnival and the West Indian communities across the globe.