Wednesday, January 17, 2018

"Teacher Brandon" takes the top prize


First Year pupils of the Grant Memorial Presbyterian Primary School, San Fernando performing their winning Calypso titled "Teacher Brandon".

Donstan Bonn


Donstan Bonn

"TEACHER Brandon", a calypso based on the appeal of Mista Killa@'s runaway hit "Roly Poly", copped the first prize at Grant Memorial Presbyterian School's Annual Calypso Competition on Friday.

The group comprised of First Year pupils - calypsonians Ashley Hosein and Shania Guerro, back-up singers Ariana Ramjag, Sarah Ramjit, Divyanka John-Budhoo, and prop actors Nathan Mohammed, Jaden Sahadeo, Acer John, and Alex Rampaul. Teacher Brandon was portrayed by Kaveesh Sylvan.

According to the calypso's composer, First Year teacher, Lisa Kallicharan, the song tells a hunmorus true story of a schoolboy named Brandon, who teaches one of his class-mates, Alex, the lyrics and dance from the soca hit "Roly Poly". And when Kallicharan asked the class was if they knew "Roly Poly" all of them did and showed her the dance.

In second place was Leondro Jute with her calypso "Ah Ent Lying", and in third place was Jesse Boodram with "Come to School and Learn".