Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Castle of our skin


Mark Fraser

This article is not intended to eulogise my own skin, but rather for the reader to embark upon a path of identification, examination and appreciation of the skin they’re in. Negligence is the main perpetrator of problematic skin which oftentimes leads to timidity or insecurity. In the many years (over a decade) I have been a certified, practising professional aesthetician, I have found that, overall, the attention paid to the health of one’s skin, save for the occasions of splendour is inadequate or underprovided, to say the least.  

Furthermore when considering the impact of our climate and environment, the daily employment of cosmetics and the sometimes poor dietary intakes upon the skin, clear skin becomes somewhat deceptive. Your overall health therefore is emitted via your skin and for it to reliably convey your bodily health, it must be free to properly function, discarding or casting off unwanted constituents.  

It is common for those beginning a skin cleansing regime using any of the available products on the market to notice some measure of improvement in terms of your skin’s appearance within a week, once the proper tools are employed such as cleansing sponges, lukewarm water, morning and nightly cleansing using a cleanser and not a soap and daily morning moisturising. 

This, however, is not an indication of the product’s merit as many believe but your skin’s yearning for attention and its reaction to your minimal effort. In fact, those struggling with problematic skin and skin conditions regularly become ensnared into this fictitious belief only to eventually notice the immobilisation of the product’s performance within a month.  In this regard I cannot over-emphasise the need for a proper home regime combined with the use of the appropriate products for your skin type and condition, if one is to continually experience improvements to their skin and rectify the nuisances they undergo when dealing with their skin condition/s.  

This home regime must and ought to be provided by a certified aesthetician, as this plays an integral part to the service offered by professional, certified aestheticians, to your overall understanding of your skin’s language/operation and more importantly to the general improvement of your skin’s appearance and health and the eradication of any specific skin imperfection or condition one may be experiencing. 

In other words, your first visit to your professional, certified aesthetician must not only seek to obtain the treatment or facial befitting to your skin, but must result in the broadening of your knowledge pertaining to your skin concerns and to the initiation of a proper home regime. Without the acquisition of this knowledge base and home regime, your facial or treatment becomes invalid or worthless. 

You ought to be aware of specific information pertaining to your skin such as: 

• Your skin type and how to determine it yourself as it may vary superficially depending on your skin practices and product use.

• Your skin condition and that which you do that influences or provokes the condition.

• The difference between skin maintenance and your maintenance regime from skin treatment and your treatment regime.

• Appropriate products and product brands for your skin. (professional products or over the counter and the difference between the two)

• Appropriate home regime equipped with product brands and how to manipulate these products to gain maximum benefit at the least cost.

N’gozi Liverpool is a certified, professional aesthetician specialising in the treatment of skin conditions/or problematic skin. She can be contacted at