Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Festive C-Zone


Mark Fraser


Mark Fraser


Mark Fraser

 During this time of the year, Carnival festivities create avenues for various regularly attended events that initiate aesthetic enhancements, creole culinary ingestion, vast amounts of alcohol intake, the use of mud, paints, glitters, chocolate and oils to the face and body that are usually followed by sleep-deprived nights.  

This combination can wreak havoc on the C-zone, especially if the influence of the festive season is felt on a weekly basis. The C-zone can thus be affected in that various “zones of conditions” bear upon the clearness of the C-zone creating:

• The M-zone, W-zone, O-zone and I-zone.

These zones of conditions, the M, W, O and I zones can therefore experience difficulties such as break-outs, redness, uneven skin tones and sunburn to the O-zone and I-zone owing to the exposure to the sun, the ingestion of oily and spicy foods, excessive perspiration combined with regular, poor re-application of make-up, inflammation to the skin due to a large intake of alcoholic beverages or again excessive exposure to the sun’s rays without proper sun protection together with the use of glitters around the forehead, outer eye and cheek area, darkness to the M-zone from the constant use of eye shadows, sagging, dull appearance to the W-zone due to lack of sleep and the improper, steady application of powders and concealers, a dry, dull appearance to the I and O-zones due to the excessive intakes of alcohol.  

Many times the O-zone and I-zone areas, especially, can also be affected by a change in cosmetic brands and by excessive re-application of cosmetics such as blush, concealer and powder.  

In order to ensure and maintain the clearness of the C-zone during and after the Carnival festivities:

• Drink lots of water during your chipping on the road.

• Limit the use of glitters on the face.

• Use a sun block feasible for face application that is not as oily as those for the body. Read to ensure it is conducive for facial use before purchasing.

• Ensure you use disposable make-up tools that have been pre-soaked and dried overnight in a bowl of medium temperature water with Dettol/Savlon so as not to spread bacteria to the C-zone.

• Use baby wipes and other wipes to clean face before re-applying make-up.

• Use hand sanitisers regularly throughout the day/night.

• Ensure you properly cleanse the face before and after any event or occasion by using cleansing sponges, warm water, a suitable cleanser for your skin type, a clarifying or purifying lotion and applying two drops of Dettol/ Savlon to a pitcher/bowl of warm water to use for face cleansing.  The steps for proper cleansing are as follows:

1. Remove all cosmetics by applying a cleansing/beauty milk or a small amount of baby oil to cotton and swiping off make-up paying attention to the C-zone remedy process (chin, cheeks, under/outer eye, nose and forehead area, always swiping towards the ear and not in an upward motion).  

Under eyes ought to be done beginning from the outer area of the eye to the under area, meeting the nose bridge and proceeding to the upper eye, circling under the eye brow area.

2. Cleanse face using bowlpitcher of warm water with two drops Dettol/Savlon and cleanser applied in a circular motion to the C-zone areas. Remove cleanser using cleansing sponges and warm water with Dettol/Savlon paying attention to C-zone remedy. (towards ears)

3. Place small amount of purifying/clarifying lotion to cotton and wipe face paying attention to the proper C-zone remedy(towards the ear)

4. If at night, apply an appropriate night cream, vitamin E, retionol cream or serum to face. If in the morning, apply clarifying/purifying serum or gel (optional) then appropriate SPF 15-30 infused moisturiser, then sunblock to face.

—Ngozi Liverpool is a professional certified aesthetician who specialises and provides professional institute treatments to individuals with problematic skin conditions. For serious enquiries only she can be contacted at