Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Power of Beauty


BEAUTY SEMINAR: Fashion designer Meiling is flanked by enthusiastic attendees of the Power of Beauty media launch. —Photos courtesy TSTT

Mark Fraser

Hair and beauty professionals were exposed to some juicy beauty industry secrets and tricks of the trade from US expert Crystal Wright at the Power of Beauty seminar held at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre last week.

Just as Wright finished lecturing on the importance of preparation, the seminar’s host called on those in attendance to put their business cards in a vase for a chance to win a Samsung Note 3 from one of the event’s main sponsors, bmobile. Some participants lost out on the opportunity to win the smartphone because they didn’t walk with their business cards, thus reinforcing Wright’s lesson about always being prepared.

Natasha Davis, executive vice president of Marketing for blink | bmobile said the company was proud to be a sponsor of the Power of Beauty since the initiative is perfectly aligned with the blink | bmobile Foundation’s thrust for encouraging and developing young talent.

“Through this seminar, young fashion designers, hairstylists and make-up artists are exposed to important industry-specific information that could give them a competitive edge not just in Trinidad and Tobago but internationally.”

This year’s Power of Beauty, the brainchild of make-up artist Nina Alcantara, was attended by professionals like Neisha Lawrence—who has been in the beauty industry for the last 20 years—as well as up-and-comers such as freelance make-up artist William Tommy and Fashion Design graduate from the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) Makisa Lewis.

Tommy, who is just 17 years old and still in high school, came to the seminar to educate himself and to get up-to-date information about his chosen industry. He also wanted to know about the business aspect of his field.

“This helps to narrow down my options for a successful career in this industry and for earning more money,” said the Estee Lauder trained make-up artist.

Lewis, who graduated from the UTT in 2012, attended the Power of Beauty seminar to help build her brand JoVew, which includes handbags, clutches and clothing. Her participation at the seminar was also to help overcome her shyness.

“In my business speaking is very important. I want to learn to be bold,” Lewis said.

Lewis intends to expand her brand to the international market and said she learned a lot of new things and made new friends at the seminar.

Darcel de Vlugt, fashion designer and one of the co-ordinators at the Power of Beauty said, “Last year we staged a one-day workshop. This year’s seminar saw major improvements as the event was spread over two days and featured three experts—Wright, celebrity make-up artist Monifa Mortis and Emmy Award-winning hairstylist, Antwon Jackson. The focus was on three areas that beauty professionals can choose from based on their specific areas of interest.”

Forums like these help to build the confidence of young beauty practitioners as it drives home the point that with hard work and passion, nothing is impossible.